We Found 8 Outfits For Your Baby Girl That You’ll Want To Add To Cart RIGHT AWAY!

Article published at: Sep 27, 2022 Article author: Digital Impressions
We Found 8 Outfits For Your Baby Girl That You’ll Want To Add To Cart RIGHT AWAY! - One Friday World
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Whether you’re a new mom or just got promoted as the aunt to a beautiful baby girl, we’re certain that you can’t wait to buy trendy toddler clothing for the new member in your family. In fact, not just for newborns, buying clothes for little girls is always a fun task. There’s so much to choose from… ruffles, cut-outs, sequins, the works! If you’ve been looking to shop luxury children’s clothing, you’ve landed at just the right spot. We’ve picked 8 outfits from One Friday that we bet you’ll want to add to the cart right away.

For her first birthday party

A soft pink dress with an embellished flower, it’s a sweet option for her first birthday party. The self-work adds character to the dress and it’ll go perfectly well if the theme for the evening is pastels.

Price: Rs 2,299. Buy it here.

For a Sunday picnic

If your baby girl is serious about her style, she’s going to love the front knot blue striped dress. It’s cool, it’s comfy and it’s perfect for a casual day out. Don’t forget to buy her a pair of white sneakers with this one!

Price: Rs 1999. Buy it here.

For a family vacay!

Off to a coastal area during the summer break? This vibrant floral print with frills is definitely what you need to buy for your princess. Accessorise with matching clips and keep your phone charged ‘cuz she’ll be asking you to click her a ton of pictures!

Price: Rs 1899. Buy it here.

For the first day at school

Be it playschool or kindergarten, the first school day is always special. If you’re looking for trendy toddler clothing for the occasion, this pink floral print dress is our pick. We bet all the moms will want to know where you got it from!

Price: Rs 2,299.Buy it here.

For the weekend playdates!

Top and culottes are comfy and stylish and perfect for a day that involves a lot of activity. Plus, don’t you just love the peach pink colour that’s an instant mood uplifter? Pair the culottes with a pink top for a more stylish twist.

Price: Rs 1999.Buy it here.

For her BFFs birthday party!

Your baby got a birthday party to attend? Dress her up in this golden polka dot dress. Don’t forget to click her pictures against a nice, bright backdrop ‘cuz this one’s going to be one for keeps.

Price: Rs 1999.Buy it here.

For the family photo

Is it time to update your family portrait? Light blue is a classic colour and blue theme sounds like a plan. This dress has a pink bow on the waistline and a tiered skirt that will make your little girl feel special in it.

Price: Rs 2,199.Buy it here.