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Shop For Stylish T-shirts & Tops For Kid Girl Online

Step out of the old into the new with high-quality, stylish tops for girls. We house a vast collection of items available for girls at One Friday World. These items are bound to elevate your girls’ look. With countless unique styles and fashionable T-shirts for girls, you’ll be spoilt for choice.
Get new tops for girls and explore more kid's wear at One Friday World now.

5 Things to Keep in mind while buying tops and T-shirts for Girls

Buying a fancy top for a kid girl isn’t easy, there are a lot of parameters you need to evaluate a kid girl top on before buying it for your princess. Here are a few points you should keep in mind when buying new tops for girls online.

  • Fabric:

 Tops for girls. Durable, lightweight and soft to the touch so that it glides smoothly on skin. Ensure that the fabrics are breathable as well.

  • Comfort:

If they don’t feel comfortable in stylish tops for girls, they are unlikely to wear them again.

  • Design & Color:

The style of T-shirts for girls matters, and if your girl is old enough to assert her choice of what she likes, buy her clothes that would make her happy. Go for vibrant colours because they tend to put kids in a good mood.

  • Size:

Size is important because if you buy tops for girls that aren’t the right size, then they’d make your child uncomfortable. Ensure that you choose the correct size. You can go for a size bigger than your child’s regular size to allow room for them to grow into 

  • Price & Worth:

While buying a girl’s new stylish top, ensure that you are paying for what it’s worth. Consider the type and quality of the fabric, the design, and the accessories it comes with before you make your decision. Better quality is always worth the price.

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Wide Range of kids Girls Tops & T-shirts Collection Available at One Friday World

Explore our hand-picked range of new stylish tops for girls below:

  • Schiffli & Lace Tops

Our collection of schiffli tops is stunning, like this yellow schiffli top, which is available in classic white schiffli tops. The lace tops feature intricate designs like this off-white lace top that you can wear anywhere.

  • Ruffled Tops

When buying stylish tops for girls, check these ruffle tops. This red solid top is stunning, while this yellow 3/4 sleeve top is perfect for a day out.

  • Printed Tops

Prints are fun whether it is something simple and delicate like this white top with yellow sleeves or something more eye-catching and stunning like this Multicolor Floral Top.

  • Striped Tops

Love stripes? Well, take your pick from our stripes collection. Check this short-sleeved Black and White striped top or this long-sleeved navy blue striped t-shirt.

  • Disney Tops

In collaboration with Disney, One Friday World has a selection of new tops for girls for you to choose from, like this red Minnie top that would have your little girl excited to start her day.

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Fancy Tops For Girls To Explore : Based On Age Groups

One Friday World tops and apparel support your little princess through the most delicate and important years of life. From the day she turns one to the day she is a new member of the teenage group - the most rebellious stage of life, our comfy and cute tops for girls ensure your little one feels free to explore, imagine, and truly live the best years of her life.

Tops & T-Shirts For 1 Year Old Girl 

We have an exquisite collection of tops for baby girls made from the most breathable and soft fabrics that won’t go hard on her skin. 

Tshirt & Tops For 2 Year Baby Girl

Your 2 year old deserves super cute apparel that can complement her charm and make her look even more adorable while being super soft on her skin. One Friday World’s cute tops for baby girls collection has all of these qualities, making us the perfect baby girl clothing brand in the market.

Tshirt & Crop Top For 3 Year Olds 

Looking for an exquisite collection of trending tops for kid girls that can support the style statement of your little diva? Look no further than One Friday World’s collection of tops for 3 year old baby girls and explore a world of baby girl tops that you will fall in love with in an instant.

4 Years Old Girls Tops & Tshirts

At One Friday World, we have a range of tops for 4 year old baby girls that support their imagination and play school dates. Our  4 year old girl t-shirts with disney prints are super loved and will look super adorable on your little girl.

T-Shirts & Tops For 5 Years Girl

5 years is the most fun age. This is when your baby girl is still a baby but sometimes tries to behave like an adult and look super cute while doing so. Considering her comfort and styling requirement at this fun age, One Friday World has curated a range of cute tops for 5 years girl babies that will support her perfectly through the transition.

Trendy Tops For 6 Years Girl

Are you looking for trendy tops for kid girl for your 6 years old baby girl? Our fancy tops for girls can be the perfect partywear top for your princess, while our disney t-shirt for a baby girl can be ideal for her everyday clothing requirements.

T-shirts & Tops for 7 years, girl

Want to shop from a baby girl fashion brand that understands the requirements of your little princess while accommodating to your caring needs as a mother? At One Friday World we design comfy and cute tops for girls including cotton tops for girls kid designed in exquisite styles so you and your little one can have a lot of options to choose from.

T-Shirts & Tops For 8 Years Girl

8 is the age when your princess is the most active. She has school, homework, after-school classes, swimming lessons, summer camps, and a lot more going on. Thus, a simple t-shirt and top cannot fulfil all her fashion and functionality requirements. At One Friday World, we understand the needs of an 8 year old fashion requirement, and thus, our 8 years girls' tops are fully fun and functional to support her through the learning year of her life.

9 Year Girls Top & T-Shirt

The early stage of being an teenager required tops for girls with the highest fashion and fun quotient. Thus, the collection of t-shirts and 9 years girls tops by One Friday World ensures to have pieces that follow the ongoing trends all around the world, ensuring your little trendsetter can have kids girls tops she can feel pretty and confident in.

T-Shirts & Tops For 10 Years Girl 

A 10 year old has her own style statement and needs tops for 10 year old girls that can be styled in multiple ways. The ten year girl kid collection at One Friday understands these needs and has ample pieces which are super functional with just a dash of poise.

T-Shirts & Tops For Girls 11 Years 

Find a tops for 11 year girl collection with designs and styles curated to keep an 11 year old kid girl in mind. Thus, all of our 11 year old girl t-shirt and top collection is loved, and most of our bestseller tops for kid girls belong to this age group only.


1. What is the best fabric for girls’ tops and T-shirts?

A: Cotton is the best fabric for everyone, especially for little girls’ clothing because it is lightweight, soft, super cosy and comfortable. It is great for all seasons which makes it the perfect fabric for tops for girls online.

2. Which accessories go best with a girl's top and T-shirt?

A: There are different things which you can accessorise with T-shirts for girls hairbands, handbags, caps, gloves, and more. Take your pick depending on the weather from the wide range of accessories available at One Friday World.

3. Can I shop for cotton tops for kid girls online with One Friday World?

Yes, One Friday World has a vast range of cotton tops for girls that are trendy and super comfortable at the same time, ensuring your little princess enjoys the best of both worlds.