Girls- Culottes & Legging

Girls- Culottes & Legging

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What are Culottes?

No one among us who appreciates fashion is unfamiliar with the term "culottes." Simply said, they are the perfect pants for girls! From playdates to picnics and birthday parties, you can dress up your little one in culottes and rest assured that she’d feel comfy and look chic all day long.

Printed culottes in pastel colors, paired with a crop top make for the perfect afternoon outfit during the summer and spring seasons. Pair this outfit with gladiators and a cutesy headband from One Friday World for a classy look....

How to Pull off Trendy Culottes in Style 

Culottes are the rage this season and everyone can be seen flaunting them. They are a great option for kids as well because they give children enough room to play. Little girls can easily run, twirl, jump, and cycle in a culotte, making it their favourite piece of clothing. 

All types of topwear pair well with culottes and they can be worn both casually and for a party.

You could dress up your little girl in a pair of solid grey culotte from One Friday World. Its top and bottom stretch belts are stylishly embellished with large gold buttons for an additional pop of colour and the loose fit allows for ease of movement.

How about dressing your princess in white schiffly culottes with floral motifs on the sides and a pink waist belt while heading out to a party?

In order for your daughter to look chic in culoes, get her a pair that is streamlined on the sides with minimal bunching or pockets. The ideal length of a perfectly fitted culotte is a few inches above the ankle.

Pair it with different kinds of footwear for different occasions. Opt for sneakers or loafers for a more relaxed look, while you may go for sandals or bellies for a more formal function. 

Buy trendy girls' culottes online from One Friday World and let your little one slay in style. 

Why buy culottes online from One Friday World 

Although it might appear to you that these pants appeared out of nowhere, they were popular during the 1970s. They’ve made a great comeback for all the right reasons. The fact that these pants are super comfy is the most prominent reason for their current popularity. But these pants offer more than just comfort; when paired well with trendy accessories, they can uplift an outfit and make anyone look stylish. 

One Friday consistently follows the latest trends in fashion around the world, and this is reflected in our wide range of accessories and apparel. We tell tales of adventures through our distinctive and cutting-edge designs. While designing each of our products, we pay attention to 3 factors - comfort, breathability and safety and hence we source our fabrics and raw materials as per international standards. 

Our vast variety of stylish culottes online and comfy leggings for girls online have been carefully curated by our design team in Milan, Italy, using eye-catching hues and charming patterns.

Each one of our designs is based on current and upcoming trends, colours and prints to bring to you the newest and freshest from the fashion industry. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What should we keep in mind before washing culottes/leggings?

Ans: It's difficult to find a pair of stylish culottes online that fits your princess like a glove, feels soft against her skin and moves with her. When you do find a pair you love, keep in mind these 4 tips to avoid ruining it: 

  1. Using too much detergent may leave a film of soap on your clothes making them look worn off. It may also reduce your clothes’ ability to wick away sweat. 
  2. Many fabrics cannot endure high temperatures and are vulnerable to deterioration or damage when put through a rinse cycle in hot water. Warm-to-cool water is best for most fabrics, but always read the care label before putting your darling’s favourite pair in the laundry.
  3. Avoid putting your leggings in the dryer. The dryer can harm the elasticity of the pair and even distort its fibre, ruining its fit. Instead, hang your leggings to dry on a clothesline, but avoid direct sunlight.
  4. Wearing the same comfortable pair of culotte/leggings daily may be tempting, but it's not good for your skin. Wash them after every usage. 

Q2: Which type of footwear goes best with culottes/leggings?

Ans: You can go casual by pairing your culotte/leggings with a cool pair of sneakers or flats. 

Q3: What are the various types of tops girls can wear with culottes?

Ans: For the best look, you can pair your culotte with a shirt, leather jacket, floral top, sweater and scarf, t-shirt, crop top and a hip-length top.