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Kids Boys Shirts

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Stylish Shirts for Boys Kids

With One Friday World, dress your little superstar in the colours and prints he will love and in styles he can stay comfortable in throughout the day.

Everyone wants to dress their kids in fashionable clothes for every occasion. While there are a ton of options for girls, there are not as many choices for boys. However, you can always choose kid's boys’ shirts, graphic tees, cargo shorts, denim jackets, cotton shorts, jackets, and hoodies to up their fashion game.

Pair these stylish cotton shirts for boys kids with trendy footwear like sneakers or loafers, and they are ready to be the center of attraction at any party. At One Friday World, we understand you want your little prince to look cute, snug and dandy, which is why we have curated a wide range of kid's button-down shirts that are bound to make them look handsome.

Importance of shirt fabrics for Kids

The fabric choice for kids’ boy’s shirts is vital for several reasons.

  1. Comfort: Kids have sensitive skin that can easily become irritated or itchy. Choose shirts for a 3-year-old boy in soft and gentle fabrics on their skin. Cotton is popular for kids’ shirts because it is breathable, absorbent and hypoallergenic.

      2. Safety: Kids tend to put everything in their mouths.  Choose kids and boy's shirts in fabrics that are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. Organic cotton is a good choice.

      3. Climate: Climate can greatly impact the choice of fabric for kids’ shirts, depending on the place you live. For hot and humid climates, choose lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton and bamboo. For cooler climates, thicker fabrics like wool and fleece are better.

Dress your Prince Charming Perfectly for Any Occasion

At One Friday explore the world of kids shirts online with pieces that can complete any look. No matter what your little prince’s styling needs are, our branded shirts for boys showcase finest craftsmanship, durability, and comfort. The range of boys’ cotton shirts online at One Friday World is perfect for different occasions and can be styled in different ways to suit your event.

1. Casual Look

Going for a low-key outing with your little one? You can keep it simple but classy with these stylish shirts for boys by pairing them with casual jeans and shorts for a down-to-earth, laid-back gathering. Elevate this look with the right shoes and accessories.

2. Handsome Look for an Event

Take these stylish shirts for boys from casual to formal by switching out the jeans or shorts with a pair of pants.  The bold colour of pants with a dark plain shirt and dark pants with a bold colour shirt. You can go all bold or all dark if you like with these boys’ cotton shirts online.

Size chart

One Friday World has an easy size chart to help you find the perfect size for your kid. The chart is based on your child's age range, and different sizes are available.

Size Chart (Inch)

Age Group

0-1 Years

1-2 Years

2-3 Years

3-4 Years

5-6 Years

7-8 Years

9-10 Years

11-12 Years




























Depending on your kid's measurements, you can choose a bigger or smaller size of stylish shirts for boys.

Things to keep in mind while choosing kids’ boys’ shirts

Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing kid’s boy’s shirts

  1. Size: Choose cotton shirts for kids based on the boy's age, height and weight.
  2. Comfort: Kids need comfortable clothing made of breathable fabric that allows them to move around easily.
  3. Style: There are many styles of shirts available for boys, from classic button-downs to graphic tees. Consider the occasion and the boy's personal style while choosing a shirt.
  4. Durability: Kids can be tough on their clothing, so choose 12 years boy shirts made from high-quality materials that can withstand rough play.

Explore Our Kids Boys Shirts Online Available at One Friday World

With One Friday boys shirts online let your little wandered explore the world and opportunities ahead with comfort and designs that support their imagination. From trendy printed shirts for boys to kids boys formal shirts, we have curated a collection of kids shirts online that has everything your little men could need. No matter if you are looking for a half shirt for boy that is apt for his summer camp or a full sleeve shirt for boys for the days there is a nip in the air, our latest shirts for boys, kids have everything for your needs. 

1. Printed Shirts For Boys

Be it a casual occasion or a party, nothing looks better than kids’ button-down shirts, either in a solid colour or in smart prints. At One Friday World, find party wear printed shirts for boys. Our printed shirts for boys showcase versatility, fun, comfort, and the latest trends. Find full shirts for 1 year old in cute prints. You can also find shirts for a 3 years old boy in different colours and patterns like the beige full shirt for boys

2. Boys Half Sleeve Shirts

Want to dress your little prince charming in comfortable summer wear? Get him the half sleeve printed shirt. Pair it with shorts and sneakers, and it’ll be the perfect look for a summer outing. Want something even fancier? How about a two toned shirt for your little man? This cotton half shirt for boys kids comes with a trendy two-tone design and is super comfortable. At One Friday, half shirt for boys is designed to keep the little tummies comfy and stylish.

3. Kids Boys Formal Shirts

Looking for outfits for older kids, like 12 years boy shirts or perhaps shirts for 14-year-old boys? Worry not; we have a wide collection of formal shirts for boys that will suit the older kids. One Friday World formal shirts for boys are perfect for school events and the days when your little men had to leave a long-lasting impression. Made with comfortable fabrics, our formal boys shirts will ensure your baby boy can focus without any distractions and look super cool while doing it. 

4. Casual Shirts For Boys

Whether it's for the daily game sessions or the fun day at school, your boy needs casual shirts for boys that are comfy yet stylish. One Friday breathable cotton shirts for boys are a perfect companion to your baby boy’s everyday styling needs. Each of our casual shirts for boys kids is super soft on the skin and provides a cool option for both school and play. You can shop our boys shirts online or visit our stores to shop for the best for your little munchkin. 

5. Full Sleeve Shirts For Boys

Full sleeve shirts for boys are a staple in every little handsome’s wardrobe. Not only boys full sleeve shirts are always in demand but they also add elegance to your little men’s wardrobe. At One Friday World, we understand you look for full sleeve shirts for boys as soon as the temperature takes a lower dip. And thus, we have curated a collection of full sleeve shirts for boys online that can cater to your little one’s comfort and styling needs. 

6. Solid Colour Shirts For Boys Kids

Get solid coloured shirts for boys in pastel shades like blue, beige, lemon or pale pink at One Friday World. These cotton shirts for kids are super comfortable and will look dapper on your little one. Our solid boys shirts are the bestseller in the trending shirts for boys category. Being always in demand, these stylish yet sophisticated solid colour boys shirts are a must have for your little one’s wardrobe. 

Why Buy Boys Kids Shirts Online from One Friday World?

Buying clothing for your kid isn’t just buying a shirt. Clothing is a kids essential and only when your child is super comfortable in what they are wearing, they can focus properly on learning and exploring things. At One Friday World we understand how the right clothing can help your little one in the early days of being a toddler or in the rebellious journey of turning into a teenager. Thus, whether it’s shirts for boys online, shorts, skirts for girls, or anything else, we ensure to provide you garments that your child will instantly fall in love with and can easily carry throughout the day. 

In summation, One Friday World is a one-stop solution for kids' wear. We are a kid-friendly brand that wants to spark curiosity in every child. Our design team is based in Milan, Italy which brings the latest global fashion trends for your kids. We believe in providing clothes and accessories that are high in quality and style. For kids’ boy’s shirts, choose One Friday World today. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which material is best for kids’ shirts?

Cotton is the most popular choice for kids’ clothes and accessories. Cotton shirts for kids are best because they are very soft, durable, and highly absorbent.

2. Which type of bottom wear pairs best with shirts?

For comfortable bottoms for boys choose cotton trousers, shorts, or lightweight denims. You can also choose corduroy pants or cotton trousers for a formal look.

3. How to select Kids’ shirts?

You must select kid’s boys’ shirts, considering their comfort and style needs. Choose a breathable, comfortable material so that they can easily move around.

4. Which size kids boy shirt should I buy for my baby?

At One Friday World there is a detailed size chart available against every product which is divided as per your child’s age in years. This simplifies buying kids shirts online as you can easily pick the one you like, select his age in years and press the Buy Now button.  

5. How should I care for my kids boy shirt?

Every boys shirt online at One Friday World has a care guide which you can follow to maintain our branded shirts for boys properly. Most of our shirts for boys can be washed normally with soap and water. While other common caring methods include machine washing and air drying. 

6. How often should I replace shirts for my boy?

One Friday World shirts for boys are sturdy and don't wear and tear easily. Thus, you won’t have to replace our branded shirts for boys as often as you need to replace other market bought shirts for kids boys. Also, it depends on how you care for the boys kids shirts as following the right care instructions increase the life of shirts.