5+ Ways to Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Holi

Article published at: Mar 21, 2024 Article author: Neha Agarwal
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Holi, the festival of colours, is a jubilant occasion celebrated by millions worldwide. The fun, feasting, singing, dancing, and colours associated with Holi, make it a festival like no other. But it’s not all glitz and glam considering the amount of water waste we witness every year. To ward off the situation, the popularity of eco-friendly Holi is on the rise. You may question why so buzz around sustainable Holi. 

While not playing Holi is not an option as it’s a festival that both adults and kids look forward to the other 364 days, there are proven ways to reduce the environmental impact of Holi. Following these suggestions, even eco-friendly Holi can be the ultimate fusion of fun, food, frolic, and of course, colours! Ready to explore them? Stick to the blog to find out why you should celebrate an eco-friendly Holi and explore six delightful ways to make it happen with your little ones.

Why Should You Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Holi?

While Holi has successfully crossed the boundaries of religion and culture, there’s still a gap between the effects of Holi and people’s willingness to celebrate Holi in an eco-friendly way. Your eco-friendly Holi celebration can be as fun and eccentric as the regular Holi and it’s also good for the environment. Here is a list of reasons why you should play Holi with natural colours and celebrate the festival without harming the environment: 

1. Environmental Conservation

Eco-friendly Holi colours preserve our precious environment by reducing water pollution and conserving water resources.

2. Sustainable Water Usage

Playing Holi with nature-friendly ‘gulaal’ mitigates the risk of water scarcity as it’s already been a pressing global issue that deserves immediate attention.

3. Reduces Waste

Traditional Holi celebrations often lead to immense water waste that only harms us. This isn’t a concern when you indulge in eco-friendly celebrations. 

4. Set a Positive Example

Celebrating eco-friendly Holi inspires others to adopt similar sustainable practices.

5. Supports Local Artisans

Choosing Holi's special natural colours supports local artisans who are associated with sustainable businesses.

6. Personal Fulfilment

Celebrating Holi in harmony with nature brings a sense of fulfilment and purpose that also positively influences your mind and body. 

6 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Holi Celebration

Are you experiencing a new level of enthusiasm knowing how big a change your eco-friendly Holi celebration can bring? Then it’s time to unroll the tips that describe how to celebrate eco-friendly Holi: 

1. Make DIY Colours At Home

You can make your own Holi colours using turmeric, gram flour, lemon juice, beetroot, and flowers at home. Include your little ones in your Holi colour DIY process to play Holi with natural colours. Involving your tiny tots in the creation of organic colour not only prepares them for the future Holi celebrations, it also makes the festival more creative and meaningful to them. And what can be a better parents-child bonding activity than performing the tasks together? 

So simply follow the steps below to create organic Holi colours: 

  • Finely mix turmeric powder and gram flour at a ratio of 2:1 and your yellow colour for Holi is ready.
  • Mix lemon juice in turmeric powder for red Holi colour. Another great way to prepare unadulterated red Holi colour is boiling tesu flowers or nature’s ornament during spring, palash ful
  • Boil beetroot slices for natural magenta colour to celebrate sustainable Holi

2. Play Dry Holi

Sprinkling dry eco-friendly colours on each other doesn’t diminish the fun of the event. But if you want your little one to experience the authentic pleasure of Holi celebration, then ask them to play in parks where the Holi water eventually seeps deep into the ground or is soaked by plants to minimise the  damaging impact of water-based Holi celebration.  

3. Use Organic Balloons

It’s best to play with biodegradable balloons or Lac ball balloons made from natural materials like latex or clay during Holi to reduce plastic waste. But that is not it! There’s no shortage of options to celebrate sustainable Holi with the same zeal and thrill as every year. Blowing matka herbal gulal smoke bombs drench everyone in colours without harming the environment and no doubt, it’s pretty fun and exciting for everyone around. 

4. Encourage Eco-Friendly/Handmade Gifts

Eco-friendly handmade items crafted by local artisans have a charm that’s unmatched in mass-produced gift options. If you want to involve your children in gift making, then baking cookies, cakes, preparing chocolates, designing cards, gift tags, banners or letters by those little hands exude an innocent charm that remains absent in every store-bought Holi present. Pack the Holi presents in sustainable packages to celebrate an eco-friendly Holi. 

5. Host Eco-Friendly Events

Participating in tree planting, clean-up drives or awareness campaigns during or after Holi is as much fun as throwing colours at each other. Always take your kids along with you during such events to instil the knowledge of eco-consciousness in them from a very young age. These events bring them close to nature and prepare the little nature lovers to turn into future advocates of eco-friendliness. 

6. Opt for Natural Decorations

Holi decoration is a must! Making Holi decoration eco-friendly is pretty simple. Fresh flowers, recycled paper decor, or reusable items minimise waste generation during Holi. You can also let your child participate in ‘best out of waste’ activities to craft the biodegradable paper-made Holi decorations. Following these activities, your little ones can make paper lanterns, paper strings, paper cards, paper banners and more! Let your kid experiment with the Holi art project to create ingenious decorations.

This Holi, let's teach our little ones tips and tricks to ensure a safe, eco-friendly, and joyful Holi celebration. As they take part in all the above-mentioned eco-friendly Holi celebration events, let them experience the joy of fulfilment by presenting kids’ clothes from the collection of One Friday World. Our premium-grade, soft and affordable kids’ outfits are perfect to dress them up on the day of ‘festival of colours’, and celebrate Happy Eco-Friendly Holi!


1. What is an eco-friendly Holi?

Eco-friendly Holi is all about celebrating the festival of colours using natural gulaal and doing our best to protect the environment by opting for sustainable practices.

2. How to celebrate Holi in an eco-friendly way?

You can celebrate Holi in an eco-friendly way by using natural colours, conserving water, reducing waste, and following the blog tips.

3. How to make eco-friendly Holi colours at home?

You can make eco-friendly Holi colours at home using turmeric, beetroot, and flowers.

4. How to make natural colours for Holi?

Natural colours for Holi can be made using plant-based ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

5. Why should you play Holi naturally?

Playing Holi naturally reduces environmental impact, promotes sustainability, and protects your skin and hair from harmful chemicals.