Kids Colour Palette To Dress Your Little One Super Cool In Summers

Article published at: Feb 16, 2024 Article author: Neha Agarwal
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Summer arrives, spreading its radiant shine and warmth; the dark clouds and nip in the air have finally been cast away. Thus, the world once again seems brighter and more vibrant. Finally, we get to free our kids and ourselves from varied layers of insulation and experience the relief of a chill-free state. Our Vitamin D-starved bodies soak up every ounce of the rays, thrilled to embrace fabrics that let us breathe and adorn colours that rejuvenate our minds and souls. 

Kids' smiles are back; they can skip staying indoors and venture out in the open. Yeah! The lobster look will be back in vogue, giving a glimpse of your kid's epic summer adventures, elevating their mood, and filling everyone's life with joy and sunshine.  

Dear Mommies and Daddies, 

The seasonal change is ready to make a grand entrance, and it is time to get on a journey of confident closet cruise and stock up on the best summer colours that spruce up the essence of endless bright sunny days. Embrace its vibrancy, and you get to witness your kid's boundless energy and imagination.

If you are looking for the best colours to wear in summer for your style sojourns and sunshine seekers, don't stop. Continue reading as we plummet into the fantastical world of children's wear and reveal the most vibrant colours for children to wear this summer. 

We at One Friday World have mosaically curated an ensemble of perfect summer holiday clothes and colour palettes for your fashion frolics that will make their summertime truly memorable. These colour palette picks will help them up their swagger, making them look cool, stylish, comfortable, and protected during their whimsical outdoor escapades during your planned family picnic outings or playdates.

Kids Wardrobe Colours Trending In 2024

From sun-kissed peach to pretty purple, pastel pink to cool blue, and refreshing green to vibrant energising orange, at One Friday World, we have an amazing collection of stylish outfits in vibrant colours that meet trends and personal flair. Check out our treasure full of playful colours and beautiful outfits and be ready to welcome fun summer clothing into your little one's life.

The best colours to wear for kids in 2024 will ultimately depend on your child's personal style saga that makes them feel happy and confident! However, based on the upcoming fashion trend Forecast, let's take a peek into playful possibilities to sparkle (change this word) this summer with a dash of colour and style.

Shades Of Pastel Pink, Coral Pink, & Waterelon Pink 


Let your child gleam in shades of pastel pink and watch them embrace it with ease and confidence. How about dressing your fashionista in a pink cap sleeveless dress? Trust us, this will multiply her charm and cuteness. Made from high-quality fabric, it’s durable, effortlessly styling and comfortable.

Fuschia Pink


Embrace the soft dazzling shade of Fuschia pink, offering an elegance you can never go wrong with. This Fuschia Pink vibrant colour jumpsuit, a wardrobe essential for your little girl from One Friday World is all you need to amp up her summer wardrobe.

Cool Blue

Cool blue, Blueberry blue to Aqua blue, reflecting the cool blue skies, adding the right amount of energy and fun that will help your munchkin combat the summer blues and offer a different vibe. With intricate details, the classic Blue Striped Shirt from One Friday for your little prince is a perfect fit whether he wants to ace the casual or formal look.

Energising Orange 


Energising Orange sparks joy and energy, just the right blend to perk up your cheerful and zesty little ones to execute optimism and boundless joy. Your little princess always surprises you with new mischief every day. This playful and versatile Orange A-line pleated dress will add a dash of charm to her appearance.

Pantone Colour Of The Year: Peach Puff


Pantone colour of the year: Peach puff is the year's most sought-after colour and is the perfect blend of pleasantness and grace. It adds a brushstroke of cheerfulness to your little one's playful demeanour. Dress up your little princess in a Peach Sequins Mesh Skirt, that keeps your girl playful throughout the day.

Mixing & Matching - Kid-Friendly Summer Color Trends

It's the time to let your imagination flow, reveal your and your offspring's creative side dive into a world of playful palettes, work the mix-and-match magic, and explore endless outfit possibilities for your little Indiana Joneses and Janes! Confused, don't worry, we have you covered.

Shop Smart – Gather Essentials


The key to learning to master the art of mix and match is to invest in must-haves. Trousers, shorts, blue jeans, t-shirts, henleys and button down shirts in various solid colours prove to be purposeful versatile and work almost effortlessly to ace the casual or formal look.

Add Solid Shade Galore


Having solid colour options in the wardrobe can be a lifesaver in the mornings, especially on days when you are struggling to put together an outfit for your kid. In addition to it being a wardrobe essential, you can easily match any shirt with stripes, prints, and designs and make a style statement. Think of denim or khaki bottoms – with a white chinese collar Knit shirt. You know you have got it right when you see that adorable toothless smile looking at you with captivating eyes.

Dare To Be Colourful


Unlock the power of colour and let your child embrace its vibrancy, do not limit your options to neutral shades. Let the junior explorers express themselves with colours and embroideries to make a stylish and bold statement. Try to limit the colours to a maximum of three for each outfit, or it would be an overdose and look to be anything but pleasing to the eye.

Separate Those Co-Ords Or Matching Sets 


The stylish two-piece co-ords or matching sets that you purchased, which are meant to go together, how about wearing them separately? Be open to the idea of pairing them with other tops and bottoms to add versatility and have multiple outfit options. A practical option you must explore.

Prints & Patterns To Add Playfulness To The Humid Seasons' Wardrobe

Summer is the time when sunshine meets style. Embrace the light fabrics, colours, textures, fun, and playfulness, igniting a spirit as bright as sunshine. Add some panache to your child's look by choosing outfits that showcase their style with comfort and chic, a fashion statement that always rocks. 

Placement Prints 


Buy light and breathable fabrics like cotton or linen with placement print and embrace the season's blooming beauty with style and grace. These dainty designs are must-haves and the perfect way to beat the summer blues. Dress your little sunshine in a Pink Striped Ruffle Sleeves Smoked Top that exudes summery vibes.

Abstract Prints: 


Add a dash of groovy geometric abstract patterns to your kid's wardrobe. Check out One Friday’s Pink Abstract Printed Sleeveless dress featuring playful patterns and stylish frills. These designs never go out of vogue and look stylish for any occasion.

Accessories That Will Go Hand-In-Hand With Summer Styles


Every outfit needs some kind of a statement, an accessory to jazz things up. Look for accessories that are practical and can add a personal touch and an element of fun to your kid's overall look. To save the little one from the harsh sun rays, add animal printed face shields to take cuteness to a whole new level. A hat on a little boy can be a great way to make the outfit look super cool! A dainty necklace, a bow or a hairband is just what your girl would need to ace formal occasions with effortless flair. By adding accessories, you let your little ones explore and invent their own style statement.


Colours for kids, latest trends and styles may keep evolving, but at One Friday World, we believe in unleashing your child's inner style by curating a mix and match of playful combination outfits to keep their look classy and up-to-date at all times. Remember to choose breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, as they offer maximum comfort in humid weather conditions. Opt for lighter shades of colours as they reflect harsh UV rays and keep your little munchkin feeling as cool as a cucumber. Up their style quotient by adding accessories like hats and face shields, which protect them from the harsh sun and complete their playful summer look.

Now, you can transform your mornings from frantic cries for help to fabulous smiles with the magic of mix-and-match outfits. Checkout One Friday World and shop from our online store today!


Q. Which Colour Cap Is Best For Summer? 

Keep a few factors in mind while selecting the colour cap for summer. The most vital factor is sun protection. Choose fabrics that are tightly woven, like canvas or cotton, and choose darker shades, such as blue, black, brown, and maroon.

Q. Why Should We Wear Light Coloured Clothes In Summer?

Dark colours tend to absorb more heat, making you feel hotter, whereas light colours reflect heat, keeping you cooler and more comfortable. Thus, it is advisable to choose lighter shades to wear during summer. Also, choosing the right fabric also matters; Breathable fabrics like cotton, and linen, should be chosen over synthetics.

Q. Which Clothing Colours Are Best Suited For Summer Season For Children?

Light-coloured clothing considered to be cooler can help in combating the summer heat. To brighten up your child's spirits and a dash of vibrant colours like lemon yellow peach, to different shades of pastel pink to cool blue. Colours are generally associated with positive emotions and higher energy levels. They can be beneficial for combating summer lethargy.