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Acc - Unisex - Silicon Cups

Unisex Silicon Cups For Kids

Silicon is a safe, strong, and durable material for your kids. It is BPA-free which makes it safer than other materials like plastic. Find a wide range of silicone sippy cups for kids available at One Friday World.

Buy silicon cups for kids online at One Friday World and keep your little ones safe from the harmful effects of BPA. Silicon is your best option for babies and kids. 

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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Silicon Cups For Kids

Here are a few points to keep in mind while buying the Little Mermaid Disney merchandise.

  • Material:

Silicon is safe for your little ones but while buying cute silicon cups for kids, check to see that they are odourless and have other features typical of a silicon utensil, such as spill resistance so that you aren’t duped into buying fake products.

  • Sturdy & Durable:

When you decide to buy silicon cups online, make sure that they are sturdy and durable enough to withstand harsh conditions. This will determine how long they will last.

  • Size:

Another major point to look at is the size of the silicone sippy cup for kids. It is important that you get the right size for them to hold and handle on their own. Make sure it’s not too big making it hard for the child to hold it up.

  • Safety features:

Silicon is usually microwave-safe, oven-safe and freezer-safe. But double-check with the brand you are buying, and read the product description to ensure that silicone cups and other utensils are safe.

  • Easy to handle:

Ensure that the silicon kids’ cup is easy and comfortable to use as well as easy to wash. If the size of the cup is too big, make sure that it doesn’t contain too much content. Also, make sure it has features that make it comfortable for your little ones to use.

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Collection with OFW explain

Our range of silicon cups for kids is unique and unlike any other. Here is our collection of silicon cups available for your kids at One Friday World. You can check for more items like our range of blankets for kids:

  • Basic Silicon Sippers with Straw:

This is a pear-shaped collection of silicon cups that features two handles on the sides for a strong grip. It also comes with a removable lid and a straw. This silicone cup is spill-resistant and is available in four beautiful and different colours for you to choose from.

  • Basic Silicon Sippers with Cleaner:

This is a simple collection of silicone sippy cups for kids that also features two handles for a tight grip. It comes with a removable lid and a brush for cleaning. This silicone cup is spill-resistant and is also available in five different colours to choose from.

  • Panda Silicon Sippers:

This is a panda-shaped collection of silicon cups for kids that is designed with panda ears and a print of a panda on the front of the cup. It also has two handles for a strong grip, a removable lid and a bendable straw. Take your pick from the five available colours.

  • Silicon Snack Cups:

This snack cup is shaped in the form of an upside-down tower. It is easy to use and features a tightly-locked lid. It is portable and available in four different colours.

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Q. Are silicone sippy cups better than plastic?

A: Yes, they certainly are. Silicon has been deemed safer than plastic in many ways for human health. This is because plastic contains chemicals that are estrogen-mimicking like bisphenol-A (BPA) (1) which is known to cause health problems (2).

Q. Are silicone cups safe for babies?

A: Silicone does not contain BPA which is known to be a harmful chemical. Hence, silicone cups are safer utensils for your babies and kids as compared to plastic.

Q. When should kids start using silicone cups?

A: Silicon cups for kids can be used from the age of 12 months and above. It is a safer option for your little ones.