Our Story

It was almost bed time and the kid’s were ready to get into bed when a new present they’d received earlier in the afternoon for children’s day caught their eye. It was wrapped in a beautiful wrapping sheet with a map drawn on it. Excited to see what lay inside they carefully opened the gift to find a magical story book. They ran to their mom with the magical book pleading for her to read it to them and so in the chilly winter of 2015 the story of ‘One Friday’ began.

This story is filled with never ending travels and surreal adventures to uncharted places where imagination runs riot. One friday is a celebration of all such fairytales which our little ones weave from the depths of their imagination.

We want to provide the sense of joy and fulfillment to each and every one of our little customers by providing a sense of individualistic style garnished with a pot full of magic dust. Please beware as sometimes the parents themselves may find their inner child’s dwelling into our fantasy dream world.

We want to bring magical wonder into every parents life by providing their precious little ones the chance to navigate our stores near you or buy online through our website with a little oversight as you never now what all gets put into the magical trunk.

Our design team in based in Milano, the heart of the fashion and the fashion capital of the world. They’re tirelessly working to bring the latest trends to you without compromising comfort and ease for the child. All our collections are designed from scratch taking into account the freshest seasonal colours straight from the runways of Europe making every season totally unique. We spend countless hours ideating, curating and prototyping the styles before they are signed off to be a part of your child’s closet.

We at ‘One Friday’ make sure to provide our little treasures with the highest standards of quality making sure strict global guidelines are adhered to in providing only the best as per the constantly evolving trends.