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Article published at: Feb 8, 2023 Article author: Digital Impressions
Useful Accessories for Kids - One Friday World
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Have Fun Dressing Up Your Baby With Adorable Range of Kids’ Accessories

Help your little one look her adorable best with stylish accessories that will get her all the attention. 

Kids' accessories are an important part of a child’s wardrobe and you can use them to jazz up any regular outfit.

With so many options available, you can experiment with different accessories and create unique looks for your child. 

How Can Using Accessories Enhance The Appeal of Your Kids’ Outfits

Accessorising is a great way to make regular outfits look more stylish and fashionable. Here’s why you must experiment with accessories when dressing up your child-

Accessories are the secret ingredient of mini fashion influencers!

Matching accessories add the zing to a baby’s look and you must explore our wide range of baby accessories to help your little one stand out at every party.

They serve a functional purpose

Not all accessories are meant for decorative purposes. Some accessories such as our pink studded hair bands, stockings etc., can help keep your baby girl’s hair in place, while stockings will keep her warm. 

They will complement your kid’s outfit

When you choose the right accessories for your kids, you enhance their outfits and help them look more refined.

Choosing the right accessories for your children can be a little challenging. We have put together a few pointers to help you pick the perfect kids girls accessories and kids boys accessories. 

Tips To Select The Best Accessories For Kids

While choosing kids' accessories, you should keep the following things in mind:

1. Comfort 

Comfort is paramount when choosing accessories for kids. You must ensure that the materials used for making accessories do not hurt the child or cause him discomfort of any kind. 

2. Colours 

Children love colours and you must not shy away from opting for vibrant accessories while shopping for your child.

3. Safety 

It might sound a little far-fetched but safety should be a primary concern while shopping for baby accessories. Infants and toddlers tend to put things in their mouths and you should avoid buying anything that is too pointed or risky to handle. 

While keeping in mind the above mentioned tips, you can choose a number of accessories for your child and make dressing up a fun experience.

Types of Accessories for Kids Boys 

If you are looking for kids boys accessories, we have put together a list for you. 

Black Mickey Suspender 

The black Mickey suspender from One Friday World can be worn with any outfit to make your little champ look charming. This particular accessory will look best with a plain white shirt and pants/jeans. It is one of the cutest boys' accessories that you can get for your baby boy. 

Black Mickey Suspender

Black Belt

A black belt is a staple in every boy’s wardrobe because it will look good with everything and keep your little one’s pants in place. Your baby boy can wear this belt for both formal and casual occasions. 

Black Belt

Blue Solid Cap

This blue solid cap has a happy smiley detailing on it. It will make your boy look cool and relaxed. This cap is a perfect accessory during the summers. 

Blue Solid Cap

Types of Accessories for Kids Girls

If you are looking for kids girls' accessories, you can explore these suggestions:

Beige Studded Hairband 

This cute hair band from One Friday World has knotted detailing at the centre and shiny studs on either side. Your little girl will look like a princess when she’ll step out wearing this hair band. 

Beige Studded Hairband

Blue party handbag with top handle 

No matter young or old, girls love their bags! This super adorable party handbag with a pearl embellished top handle will make your angel look like royalty. 

Silver warm gloves 

The silver gloves from One Friday World have blue star detailing on them which makes this pair look super cute. In addition to keeping your baby’s hands warm, they will look super stylish too. This is a perfect kids girls accessory for the winter season. 


Accessorising might seem like a beautiful and artsy thing but it is important to remember that you are ultimately dealing with children and therefore a few things need to be taken care of while handling kids’ accessories. 

How To Keep Your Child Safe While Wearing Accessories 

Although kids girls accessories or kids boys accessories look very pleasing but you need to be a little careful while handling them. In fact, it is advisable to teach your child to wear them with caution. You can adhere to the following tips to do the same :

  • Accessories are not toys and you should not let your child play with them. 
  • Be careful of the edges and sharp ends of the accessories and refrain your kid from hurting himself or others with it. 
  • If your child is below five years of age, it would be best if baby accessories are kept out of his/her reach. 
  • After putting an accessory on your child, you must ensure that it doesn’t administer any discomfort to him, otherwise he may get irritable and yank the accessory off. 


1. Which accessories are best for kids and girls for a wedding?

If you have a wedding coming up in the family, you should check out our range of accessories at One Friday World. Our pink studded hair band and blue party handbag are sure to get your baby girl party ready in no time.

2. How often should baby accessories be washed?

You should clean your baby’s accessories after every few uses. It is advisable to not wash belts, bags etc., as they might get spoiled. 

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