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Summer Dressing With Cool Kids Summer Collection

Kids love summers! They get to play all day long and have their favourite ice lollies. While playing under the sun is fun, you must dress your child properly to avoid sun tan and rashes in the heat.  Get breathable summer fabrics for your kids’ clothes to keep them easy and breezy. Here are some tips to help you buy the right set of summer outfits for kids. 


Tips for Dressing Kids Summer Wear

1. Keeps Your Kid At Ease

Summers can be humid and sweltering. Kids will feel uneasy if they are dressed in tight-fitting, rough clothing. Appropriate summer wear for kids should keep them cool and dry, promote air movement, and shield them from rashes.

2. Select Breathable Materials

You must consider several factors when selecting summer clothes for kids, with fibre being the most important one. The finest summer fabrics for kids are the ones that are made with 100% cotton. Cotton fabric is known for its breathability, suppleness and lightweight. Also, the fabric helps keep humidity at bay.

3. Opt For Bright Refreshing Colours

Since the summer days are sunny and breezy, light and vibrant colours appear energising. The additional benefit is that light colours keep the body comfortable by not absorbing heat. Kids' summer clothes look wonderful in floral prints, plain pastels, vibrant yellows, and polka dots. Avoid using black or dark colours while buying summer wear for kids.

4. Avoid Layering

Kids who are overdressed in extra clothing get irritated quickly. Choose cute summer outfits for kids that are lightweight if you want them to look adorable. Don't over-accessorize with jewellery, hair bands, or pins for their hair, either. It raises the temperature, which is very unpleasant for the children.

5. Avoid Skin-fit Clothes

Choose loose-fitting styles over figure-hugging ones when picking out summer kid's clothing. Clothes that fit loosely allow for effortless movement and let the skin breathe. Dress your child in elegant, loose clothes if you want him or her to enjoy the summer.

6. Accessorize With A Cap

Kids' hands, heads, feet, and necks sweat in order to cool their bodies when the temperature rises. Therefore, avoid covering their head in anything too tight because it may perspire and itch. You can buy adorable and stylish caps for girls online from One Friday and pair them with her cute summer outfit. This way she’ll look cool and feel cool too. 

7. Opt For Cool Prints

Summer kid's clothing with cute prints are a wardrobe must have. Find fun prints of stars, fishes, boats, flowers and much more at One Friday.

Explore OFW Kids Summer Collection

Are you looking for cute summer outfits and kidswear to refresh your child’s wardrobe? Check our  summer clothing options for kids and find yourselves spoilt for choice.

You can dress your little princess in gorgeous skirts, bloomers, tops, shorts, dungarees, trousers, jumpsuits and dresses from One Friday to keep her cool and happy. Your princess will stand out in style this season whether she chooses trendy designs for a summer party or floral prints for a day at the seaside!

It won't be wrong to state that when the summer season arrives, T-shirts and tops make their presence in everyone’s wardrobe. Most adults can't wait to slip into a light cotton T-shirt to stay cool in the heat. Children are no different, so be sure to stock up on a few of our trendy summer outfits for kids such as T-shirts for your little boy. Our baby boys T-shirts online and cool printed shirts for boys are ideal for a laid-back day out, whether your child is playing outside or going on a trip. You can also pair these tees with shorts or trousers. If you are heading on to a summer party with family and friends, you can dress up your kids in pastel hues of kid's summer clothes such as blazers and formal trousers. We also have a wide collection of kids girls shorts online made using premium quality fabrics.

Find The Right Size of Kids’ Summer Wear

At One Friday World, it is very easy to choose the size of clothes you want for your kids. Our kids’ summer collection requires you to tally up your little one’s measurements with the given size chart. In case the size chart is not available for your selected product, you can go ahead and choose the age range of your child in summer wear for kids. Choose the age range that best suits your child and you’re good to go.

In case there is a size chart available for the selected kids’ summer clothes, go ahead and use your child’s measurements to find the right size and age range that would best suit your child. Get the right size of summer clothes for kids at One Friday World.

Reasons to Buy Summer Wear for Kids Online from One Friday World

One Friday World designs high-quality clothing items like our collection of summer kids’ clothing that is as comfortable as it is stylish. These clothes for your little ones are designed for kids who love playing and having a fun time in the sun. Each collection is designed with fun prints and vibrant colours that we are certain your kids would love.

At One Friday World, we prioritise the way your kids feel because comfort is key to having the best day. The fabrics used in the making of each one of our clothes is soft and smooth causing no discomfort or irritation. Check out our other range of collections of clothing items for boys and girls of different age groups. Find items like dresses for girls, stylish shirts for boys along with a wide collection of accessories for your princes and princesses.

Explore One Friday World for premium kids’ wear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does summer wear mean?

Summer wear means clothes that are worn during the summer season and feel comfortable to wear in the heat.

2. What should kids wear in the summer season?

Kids must wear breathable and comfortable summer outfits during the warm season to prevent itches and rashes from occurring. 

3. What are some good summer outfits for kids?

Tops, shorts, denim, printed skirts and dresses are some of the best picks for your darling daughter whereas your boy can be best dressed in cotton blazers, T-shirts, trousers and shirts.