Interesting Outdoor Games For Kids To Play

Article published at: Nov 18, 2023 Article author: Neha Agarwal
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We live in a digital age and there is no denying the fact that online exposure has become abundant for kids. While the internet has its own set of attributes, one cannot turn a blind eye towards the need and advantages of outdoor games for children. 

If you think that your kids are getting a bit too glued to the television or tablet, we have put together a list of exciting and fun outdoor games for kids that will readily propel them to step outside. 

Fun games to play for kids' physical development

Here are our top picks for fun outdoor games for children. The best thing is that these games can be enjoyed by children of all age groups. 

  • Obstacle Course 

If you want your little ones to engage in some fun outdoor games to elevate their physical activity, an obstacle course will be an excellent pick for you. All you have to do is use some ropes, barrels, or anything that you find easily, to create obstacles for a race or relay. The kids should maneuver around these obstacles and complete the game. 


  • Simon Says 

In this game, Simon alludes to the name of the id who shall be giving commands to his friends about a task. It is a great game to enhance the listening skills and concentration levels of a child while encouraging him/her to act readily at a command. 

  • Cycle Race 

Kids love this game! Encourage your kids to engage in a cycle race. However, it is important to ensure that the race is carried out in a safe environment and under supervision to avoid any mishaps. 

Outdoor games for children to keep them engaged

Children have a super active imagination and hence it can be quite a task to keep them hinged to a certain gain for long. The following list of engaging outdoor games for children should be a great pick for your child’s outdoor playtime:

  • Treasure Hunt

This one is a classic amongst the most famous outdoor children's games. You can create a map for the kids that can be trailed to unravel a hidden treasure or gift. This game can be easily played in the backyard or on the lawn.

  • DIY Bowling

This is one of the most fun games to play in a big group of children. The kids can be divided into two groups and both groups can compete with each other in an outdoor bowling competition. You can use plastic bottles such as bowling pins and a softball or something like that to hit the pins. 


When we talk about outdoor games for kids to play, we have to ensure that they are properly dressed to facilitate ease of movement and protection. One Friday World has a stunning range of kids' wear options for you to choose from. Furthermore, the above-mentioned list of outdoor games for children will motivate your kids to get out of their comfort zone and explore the world around them. Not only will these outside games for kids stimulate them mentally and physically, they will instill in them, the priceless virtues of sportsmanship and team spirit.