How Can You Make the Best Night Routine for Kids? Tips & Ideas

Article published at: Nov 2, 2022 Article author: Digital Impressions
How Can You Make the Best Night Routine for Kids? Tips & Ideas - One Friday World
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A good night’s sleep is crucial for the healthy development of a child, whether you have a new-born baby, a preschooler or a young adult. Lack of a proper bedtime routine can lead to an anxious, cranky and easily distracted child, apart from leading to many a sleepless night for the parents or caregivers.

Bedtime activities are a routine set of actions  that parents perform every night to put their kids to sleep. Seasoned parents know that routines give children a sense of security and must be followed through diligently. They help children prepare for sleep by allowing them to calm down and unwind. Repeating the same activities and set of actions everyday trains children how and where to drift off to sleep on their own. The idea behind a perfect nighttime routine for your little one is to eventually help your child fall asleep without being held and without needing you to lie beside him. If children wake up after you’ve left them in their rooms or beds, they should be able to drift back to sleep without your support.

When kids don't get enough sleep, it becomes difficult for them to calm down and handle their emotions. Sleep-deprived children are more likely to have behavioural issues, have difficulty in focusing and functioning and may even become obese. Hence it is crucial to do everything one can to assist children in getting the sleep they require and setting a fixed bedtime routine is the only way to do it.

There is no one right way to plan exercises for bedtime because each child is unique. What matters is establishing a routine that suits your child and sticking to it. Here are some tips & ideas for your little buddy's night routine -

Things to DO when creating a bedtime routine

1. Make sure your child follows the same routine every night:

A  bedtime routine should include the same procedures every night or at least as often as possible. Both parents must engage in the nighttime routine and make their babies practise it to reap its full benefits. Only repetition will help children understand eventually that it is time for them to go to sleep.

2. Prepare your child for the night by changing him into his night dress.

Keep in mind that most children throw off their blankets at night and are unable to cover themselves on their own. Make sure you dress your child in a comfortable night suit that is also appropriate to the weather outside. Night suits also act as an indication to kids that it is time to sleep. One Friday World provides the finest and most comfortable nightwear for your kids!

Kid in Night Dress

3. Pretty & peaceful environment for a soothing trip to the world of dreams:

To aid sleep, switch off all lights and create a calm and peaceful environment. Use a night lamp if your child is afraid of the dark. Also, after you have put your kids to sleep, try to reduce the noise to a minimum. You can also read out positive bedtime stories to your kids before they hit the bed. Slowly, listening to stories will become a night time ritual that your kids will look forward to every night. It will also help you bond over stories and make them sleep better.

4. Make gradual changes over time instead of big changes overnight in their routine.

If your children are adjusting to additional changes in their lives such as relocating to a new house or joining a new school, try not to force more changes in their life. Let life settle back for them before you expect them to begin responding to new routines.

5. Use a soft & secure object for them to cuddle and sleep with:

Ask your child to put his favourite soft toy to sleep during bedtime. This will help your child understand that it is his turn next to go to sleep. A soft toy or a smooth blanket can go a long way in providing comfort to your child and give him a sense of security in the dark.


6. Get your children into the habit of brushing their teeth before sleeping:

It is important to follow good dental hygiene and teach kids about the importance of brushing their teeth before going to sleep. To make brushing a fun activity, pretend that their brush is a powerful wand that kills bacteria and encourage your child to brush & floss as part of the game. Ensure that brushing is an integral part of their nighttime routine. Remember to use soft bristles toothbrushes for kids.

Things NOT to do when making a bedtime routine

1. Bad sleep patterns for your kiddo :

If you rub your little one’s back till he falls asleep, play songs for him on your phone or leave the TV switched on in the background, their minds won’t calm down and they will keep waking up and looking for you. Apart from this, the blue light emanating from televisions and other electronic devices has a major impact on sleep patterns and is known to ruin it. So avoid getting into any habit that disturbs your child’s sleep or makes him dependent on you.

2. Don’t assume that your child will break his bad sleeping habit overtime on his own:

Many children who have trouble sleeping as infants and toddlers continue to have poor sleeping habits even when they begin school. It is important to correct your child’s night time routine sooner than later for proper development.

3. Don’t give sweets and sugary snacks to your kids right before they go to sleep:

Keep your nighttime snacks light and healthy. Don’t give chocolates, ice creams or other sugary snacks to your kids right before bedtime as it will not only cause cavities but the sugar rush will also ruin their sleep. If you are still feeding your baby from a bottle, make sure that the nipple of the bottle is out of his mouth before he goes to sleep.

4. Don’t break the routine on weekends:

It's enticing to let your kid sleep longer on weekends, but letting him sleep for anything more than an hour over their typical wake-up time can make it difficult for him to follow routine on weekdays.

You now know what you should and shouldn't do to make a bedtime routine for your little one. Consistency is the key in maintaining bedtime rituals. Setting and following a routine will lead to excellent sleep patterns and will assist your child in falling asleep easily and sleeping peacefully through the night, so that he will wake up relaxed and refreshed.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does a warm glass of milk help a child sleep better?

Tryptophan and melatonin are two chemicals that are found in milk. They help in calming down a person and thus enhancing his overall mood. This can lead to a more peaceful sleep.

2. What's the importance of bedtime stories for children?

Children's cognitive abilities are enhanced by bedtime stories. Their brain adapts faster to what they hear and absorb before bedtime. This is because they are most relaxed before falling asleep.

3. Is cuddling beneficial for children in sleeping better?

Physical affection is undeniably beneficial for children and research suggests that snuggling can lower stress levels and strengthen immune systems. At the same time, experts also warn that overly cuddling young adults could develop sleep issues in them as when they’d grow up, they would still need someone to hold them to sleep better. A goodnight kiss works the best by making your child feel loved without making him dependent on you to sleep.