12 Best Baby Care Essentials Products

Article published at: Nov 2, 2022 Article author: Digital Impressions
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There are a billion things to do when you have a baby in the house and about ten billion things to get for your baby. But what are those must-have things, those essentials that you really need to have? It’s your lucky day, we’ve done all the research so all you have to do is click and buy. Let’s get started.

Here’s your list of the top 12 baby care essentials products

1# Corner Guards

Let’s face it, once your baby starts crawling you need to grow an extra pair of eyes to keep watch at all times. Only then do you realize how many corners your home truly has and how dangerous it can be. These adorable silicone starfish corner guards will cover every corner and protect your baby from getting hurt. As far as baby care silicone products are concerned these are non-toxic and BPA free too.

Corner Guards

2# Silicone Hair Brush

Babies have very soft skulls, especially during the first couple of years of their lives. They also have very fine hair that doesn’t need a lot of detangling or combing because you could easily pull the hair out. However a little comb through is always good and this brush is the perfect tool for it.

3# Donut Teether

Teething babies can often be highly irritated babies too. A teether is a great solution to help your baby self soothe and get some relief by chewing on it to alleviate the pain of tender gums. This donut teether by Onefridayworld is a great silicone product for babies. Made from 100% non-toxic, food-grade silicone. This is a great solution for your teething baby.

Donut Teether

4# Suction Crab Divider Plate

Divider plates are a brilliant way to get babies to eat on their own and it’s even better if those plates aren’t easy to drop. This silicon divider plate with a suction bottom is the perfect solution. The flat surface sticks to any flat surface and you can avoid a messy floor after every meal.

Suction Crab Divider Plate

5# Silicon Sippy Glass

A must-have silicone baby product that will make you and your baby’s life much easier is this sippy glass. The material and design make it easy to grip. Teach your baby how to drink on his or her own. It comes with a silicone straw and a cleaner so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the straw. Another one of the best baby care essentials products we have here at Onefridayworld.

Silicon Sippy Glass

6# Dino Divider Plate with Sipper

Getting babies to eat solids is one thing. How about solids and liquids.This Dino two divider plate is ideal. The suction on the bottom holds it in place and the sipper attachment allows your little one to sip on liquids with ease. Exemplary silicone baby product.

Dino Divider Plate with Sipper

7# Night Lamp

Another great baby care essential is this night lamp. This lamp emits a soft light throughout the room. Not bright enough to wake your baby up but enough to keep your baby from getting scared when they do wake up. This is a great silicone product for kids aged between 3-10 years or maybe even older.

8# Sippy Cup with Handles

This is one of the best transitional cups for your little angel to use just as they are learning to grip and hold on to objects. Help babies take their first step to drinking independently with this silicone sippy cup with handles. Easy to wash, this BPA-free cup is an Onefridayworld essential you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Sippy Cup with Handles

9# Divider Plate Set

This adorable owl divider plate set is perfect for when you’re teaching your baby to eat on his own. It’s one of those silicone baby products that will last a couple of years. The vibrant colors entice little ones and it’s just the right size for baby portions. Your baby can learn how to grip using the small baby utensils that come as part of this set.

Divider Plate Set

10# Silicone Bib

Yet another smashing silicone baby care essentials product by us at Onefridayworld. This adorable hot air balloon silicone bib will catch almost every piece of food dropped. The bib comes with a pocket big enough to catch falling food when your baby is learning how to put food in their mouth and yet small enough to not have it come in the baby’s way.

Silicone Bib

11# Feeding Spoons

These silicone monkey and rabbit feeding spoons are the best choice for when you begin to feed your baby solids. The spoons fit perfectly into their tiny mouths and can also fit the right amount of food per bite. The poppy colors get babies eating in no time at all.

12 # Snack Cups

These silicone snack cups are a great way to store baby portion-specific snacks on the go. When empty, these collapsable snack cups can be stored easily. They are non-toxic and BPA-free. Available in all sorts of exciting colors; your little one will love eating out of these. There you have it, 12 of the best baby care essentials products that are a necessity in every newborn parent’s life. One of the best ways to add to this list is to keep track of your daily routine as well as your baby’s habits. Find the products that work best for your baby and stick with them.