9 Ways & Activities to Connect With Your New-Born Baby

Article published at: Feb 24, 2023 Article author: Digital Impressions
9 Ways & Activities to Connect With Your New-Born Baby - One Friday World
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Whether you’ve read countless books on motherhood to prep yourself or you’re letting first-hand experience guide you on this journey – having your baby in your arms will be nothing like you imagined. You’ll be overjoyed and overwhelmed and amidst these gush of emotions, we don’t want you to forget the most important task at hand – connecting with your baby. Also, as moms, you all strive to use the best baby products for your babies so to ensure their safety.

Here are some easy ways that will help you build a strong foundation with your child for this beautiful relationship

1. Reassure your baby of your presence through your touch.

A new born baby does not have a clear vision, but he can feel his mother’s presence and knows her touch. In fact, he craves for it, because nothing feels as reassuring and soothing as his mother’s arms do. So, express your love through physical touch. Take him in your arms, hold his fingers, cuddle him and hug him. Give countless kisses and keep your new-born close to yourself. It will make your baby feel safe and release happy hormones in your body too. 

Mom & Baby

2. Sleep next to your child

There is no sight as peaceful as that of a new-born sleeping. Sleeping next to this lightly snoring bundle of joy will make your heart soar with love and joy. It will also help your baby feel safe and sleep for longer periods of time, which will benefit his growth and development.

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3. Massage your baby

New born babies who are given frequent massages develop physically and emotionally healthier than their counterparts who don’t receive their daily dose of massage. Apart from strengthening their muscles, massage also gives undivided time, free of distractions, to the mother and child and the physical touch builds a strong bond between them. You can try this safe and effective massage oil by Shrubs & Berries too!

Baby Massage

4. Read to your baby

It’s never too early to read to your child. Pick up age appropriate books that will pique your child’s curiosity and help you spend meaningful time together. Try picking up cloth books like Usborne Crinkle books, or you could also pick up touch and feel books like My First touch and feel series by DK.

5. Sing to your baby

Your baby recognizes your voice from the womb and it is the most wonderful sound in the world to him. So, whether you think highly of your musical abilities or not – sing to your child and watch him coo in response to the voice that means the most to him.

6. Feed him yourself

Whether you choose to breastfeed your child or not, being present while you are feeding your child is important. Place your child in the nook of your arm or on your lap, and stroke his forehead, hold his fingers and look him in the eye, when you’re feeding him – this non verbal communication will pass love and positive energy to him and make you feel connected every time you nourish your child.

7. Talk to your baby and use many expressions

Your baby loves watching your face – so give him more reasons to. Make funny faces, stick your tongue out, roll your eyes and have fun being silly and expressive for a great face-to-face play. When your baby is old enough to hold your gaze for a bit, initiate conversations. Babies are listening and digesting information, you never know when they may decide to respond back to you with a smile or a nod.

8. Get a colorful and safe play mat

Play mats encourage babies to explore their surroundings on the floor, without hurting themselves. They also help in giving babies tummy time, wherein, babies get a chance to lie on their tummies and try to move about. This helps in releasing gas and improves their motor skills. It also helps them practice holding their heads up and see things from a different perspective. 

Baby Playing With Blocks

9. Bring home some age appropriate toys for your child

Get age appropriate toys that pique your child’s interest and make him want to explore more. For your new born baby,  get musical rattles, soft toys and books with different textures to make your baby want to grab at them and feel them. Make sure they are safe, for your baby would want to put them in his mouth first – and never forget to routinely clean them up. 

Kid Playing with Toys


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