Clothes for 0-3 Months Babies

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Looking for cute clothes for infants? You are in the right place

Does your phone have more pictures of your little one than anyone else? Every parent wants their little bundle of joy to look cute in trendy outfits. If you are one such parent looking for cute 0 to 3 months clothes for your baby, then you are at the right place. Your search for cute dresses and baby rompers ends here at One Friday World. We have a huge collection of adorable 0 to 3 months dresses and rompers for kids. When buying clothes for infants, look for baby rompers and baby clothes that are comfortable, breathable and in trend so that you can take endless selfies with your little one.  ...

Comfortable & Soft fabrics for newborn babies 

Your infant’s skin is delicate, that’s why you must choose fabrics that are safe for your tiny one’s skin. The fabric should be breathable, rash free and comfortable to wear. Choose 0 to 3 months clothes for your little angel in fabrics like cotton, knit jersey or fleece for the colder months. These fabrics ensure your bundle of joy feels comfortable all day. At One Friday World, we understand how precious your little ones are, and that is why we bring the best fabrics and best styles to make your babies feel comfortable yet look elegant and stylish.   

Types of clothes available for 0 to 3 months old babies, at One Friday World 

From rompers to jumpsuits and dresses, One Friday World creates unique kids’ apparel. Scroll down to check different types of 0 to 3 months clothes which are a must-have for your little one’s wardrobe.    

Onesies for 0 to 3 months old babies

Infants spend most of their time sleeping or feeding, thus they need comfortable and breathable fabric like cotton to rest in. In the initial months, they also need frequent diaper changes, which makes onesies the perfect pick for new parents. Onesies are single-piece clothes that come with snap buttons at the bottom which makes changing diapers easier. Find cotton 0 to 3-month onesies for your baby at One Friday World. Our baby onesies are made from soft cotton with cute prints that will make your tiny one feel comfortable all day.   

Newborn Dresses

Want your little one to get party ready and become the centre of attraction at every party? You need to check our wide range of infant dresses for your little angels. Doll up your girl in our Grey and White Dress. It comes with a white frill onesie and a tunic dress to make your little princess look her adorable best.  How about dolling her up in a pretty red pleated dress with a cute bow? This dress is made from comfortable viscose. You can pair it up with comfortable white tights for the colder months. Want to add some frills to get the princess vibes? Check out our Denim infant dress that will add a royal charm to your little one’s look.   

Baby Rompers for Newborns

Want your little bundle of joy to look cute and feel cosy too? You can never go wrong with our baby rompers. These are perfect to give your newborn a cosy and snug fit. Rompers are single-piece clothes that cover up their tiny legs to keep them warm and comfortable. They come with snap buttons for an easy diaper change. Rompers for kids are perfect for any occasion because they are cute, comfortable and provide your tiny one with the mobility they require.   

You can find cute baby boy rompers on One Friday World that are perfect for your superhero to become the centre of any party! The cotton Red Corduroy Romper set comes with a tiny bow tie to make your little prince look handsome! The bright colours are perfect to bring in the Christmas feel. Want to take your baby to a wedding and dress him up in cute formals? Get this swoon-worthy blue corduroy full-sleeve baby boy romper that comes with a cute pink bowtie. Buy baby rompers online at One Friday World from the comfort of your home. 

Bodysuits for Newborn Babies

Bodysuits are ideal garments for babies because they are comfy, easy to wear and provide good protection from the cold. They go all the way down to their legs and cover their feet too. Bodysuits can keep your little one comfortable throughout the day or they can be used as night suits. Get this pink bodysuit for your little angel with a cute caterpillar print. It is carefully crafted from soft cotton and comes with snap buttons for ease of changing.  

Jumpsuit for Infants 

Jumpsuits for baby girls are playful and allow mobility for your little one. Get our rayon Pink full sleeves jumpsuit and shirt or our cotton Grey suede jumpsuit for your little angel. Pair them with cute accessories for baby girls and make your tiny one look adorable.

Why Choose One Friday World? 

At One Friday World, we believe every child is special and we want to make their clothes special as well. We bring a wide range of kid’s apparel keeping in mind their comfort level and style needs. All our 0 to 3 months clothes from baby rompers to newborn dresses are made from soft and safe fabrics for kids. We design kids’ clothes by blending fashion trends and utility. Your little one is special to us and so we guarantee customer satisfaction with every single purchase.  We have shirts for baby boys along with trendy T-shirts for them too. For baby girls, we have trousers, culottes and many other comfortable clothing.

One Friday World is a one-stop solution for your kid’s wardrobe. We offer a wide range of newborn clothes, 0 to 3 months clothes, boys’ apparel and girls’ dresses.  You can find everything from casual wear to party wear for infants on One Friday World. Buy cute fashion accessories for your little one online on our platform. Have fun shopping with us!  


1. What are the best baby wear options in the first 3 months?

Ans: Infants need comfortable clothing in the first 3 months of their birth. Onesies, rompers, bodysuits and baby dresses are perfect to dress up your little one in the first 3 months. Baby rompers are the most comfortable clothes for infants. 

2. What is the ideal number of outfits you should have for your 0-3 months old baby?

Ans: Infants need multiple outfit changes in a day because they may soil their clothes by throwing up milk, or leaking their diapers. You might need 4-5 outfit changes in a day. If you are going out, always ensure you are carrying multiple sets of clothes.

3. How long will clothes for 0-3 months old babies last?

Ans: Infants grow up very fast so in 0 to 3 months clothes will last for up to 2-3 months depending on your baby’s health.