Unique Organizing Ideas For Your Kids’ Room

Article published at: Oct 11, 2022 Article author: Digital Impressions
Unique Organizing Ideas For Your Kids’ Room - One Friday World
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Kids get inspired by their surroundings and this includes the place they spend most of their time in - their homes. It is a good idea to have a separate room for your kids because it makes them confident and independent from a young age.

You can style your child’s shelves, books, ceiling, wardrobe and every other article of furniture in his room according to his age and preference.

Avoid sharp objects for younger children and keep big and bright picture books and toys for older kids. This will keep your kids happy in their room and let them play happily for many hours. Here are some room organization ideas that will help you save space too. These bedroom organization ideas will help you keep things organized and inspire your kids to play independently without getting bored quickly.

Ideas To Store Kids’ Toys, Clothes, Books and Other Belongings

If you are looking for some brilliant toys storage ideas, we’re here to help you. 

The most important thing to remember while reorganising or redecorating your child’s room is that your child must like the changes you’ve made and it should inspire him to play independently. Our unique and creative tips will ensure you get more space and organize everything better while ensuring your kids love the new setup too.

1. Utilise Storage Under The Kids’ Bed

Beds take up the maximum space in any room, which leaves little space for kids' clothes, books and toys. The area under the bed can be redesigned to make a storage space for their extra toys and books. This is one of the best toys’ storage ideas that will save a lot of space and make the room look more neat too.

2. Put Kids’ Shoes in Storage Bins

Shoes lying about a room can make the room look dirty and untidy. Get your kids into the habit of putting their shoes in one fixed storage bin inside their room. This will not only inculcate cleanliness habits in your kids but will also save space in their room.

3. Use Baskets to Store Toys or Clothes

All children enjoy playing with cars, action figures, board games, dolls and other toys. Storing these big toys in cupboards may not be the best idea as they occupy a lot of space. Instead, opt for a cool kids basket that enables you to store toys. These baskets are versatile and you can use the bigger ones for storing clothes such as sweaters, hoodies and pants, while the smaller baskets can be used for arranging under-garments and accessories. This will keep your kid’s wardrobe neat and organised.

4. Keep Study Desks Small

If your kid’s room is small in size, stick to a compact study desk that is comfortable enough for your child to sit and study in, but also doesn’t occupy too much space. You can add drawers to this table later for storing stationery items and books. Additional drawers to the study table work is a great books storage idea too.

5. Go For Vertical Storage

Vertical storage helps in making any space look neat and tidy. You can vertically store things in your child’s room in the form of floating shelves, toy organizers, top of wardrobe storage boxes and vertical storage units. All of these can effectively store your child’s books, toys and clothes while making the room look organised and inviting.

Tips and Hacks

Here are some bedroom organization tips and hacks that will help make your kid’s room look tidy and presentable.

  • Get toy organizers that will help segregate your child’s toys into different baskets depending on their use and size. The larger toys can go into big childrens storage units while the smaller ones can be arranged in drawers or small top of wardrobe storage boxes so they don’t get lost.
  • Keep the lesser used toys or books on top shelves. This will ensure that the toys your kids love playing with most, are within their reach in the more accessible bottom shelves. 
  •  Go for built-in storage options in different pieces of furniture. Hidden drawers under the bed or study table can be a huge space saver and will help in organizing your kid’s bedroom better.
  • Involve your child in the decision making process of decorating his bedroom. This way, he will tell you his preferences and dislikes and you two will eventually deck up his room in a way that he likes being in most.
  • Discard the unnecessary stuff. The only way to declutter your kid’s bedroom is to prioritise which stuff to keep and what items to get rid of. As kids grow older, there are more and more items they no longer need. You must learn to let go of them instead of hoarding them for the future.  

Pro Tip To Organize Kids’ Wardrobe

  • Designate a time, preferably when your kids are not at home, to rearrange your kid’s closet. You can be sure you won’t be able to finish this huge task at hand with your children around.
  • Have a plan in mind and take inventory of the number of items you have and the space you need to store them in your kid’s closet. This will help you arrange better.
  • If possible, use two rows of hanging bars to store kids’ clothes. You can separate them into daily wear and party wear.
  • Use storage bins or childrens storage baskets under the hangers to store your child’s shoes and accessories.