18 Party Themes for Your Little Sunshine’s First Birthday

Article published at: Nov 7, 2023 Article author: Neha Agarwal
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Your little one’s first birthday is super special for a few reasons, an important one is that it’s your baby’s first birthday celebration. There are other reasons that make their first birthday momentous which is to allow the parents to reflect on their own development and growth as parents. It's a celebration of being with your child for a year and a celebration of the journey that you as the parents as well as other families have taken to get here.

The celebration of a child’s first birthday is different for various cultures and there are different first birthday themes you can go for when throwing them their birthday party or a small get-together with your loved ones. If you’re not sure which direction to take the theme, we’ve put a few different 1st birthday decoration ideas and themes for boys and girls that you can choose from. These unique and out-of-the-box ideas would make for a good memory.

9 Fun Loving Ideas for 1st Birthday Decorations for Your Son

Here are some 1st birthday party themes for your prince charming that you can throw for him and preserve the memory in the form of photos to show to him when he’s older.

1. Suit & Tie:

Keep it sleek and classy with a suit and tie-themed party for your little gentleman. You can go for black and white 1st birthday decoration ideas at home which would never go out of style. Dress your little one up in a tux, and keep the decorations in a colour of silver, black, and a touch of gold.

2. Rookie Birthday Theme

Gameball! For parents who are lovers of a good game of ball, throw your baby a rookie party to pledge him into the family. Throw a ball-themed party, football, cricket, baseball, etc. depending on the one that the family likes. Serve tasty stadium snacks and have fun ball games and lively music for entertainment.


3. Animal Theme:

Kids love animals and dinosaurs have a special place in every little one’s heart. There are also different animals that you may have noticed your little one loves. You can make their 1st birthday an animal-themed party with the same colour theme in the decorations as well as the snacks.

4. Cartoon Theme:

From being with your little one for a year, you would have noticed his love for a particular cartoon character that you’ve put on the TV. for entertainment. You can take this cartoon character and make it a theme for the party with a similar colour theme and decoration ideas like Winnie The Pooh, Mickey Mouse, etc.

5. Lego Theme:

Make it fun for your kid and other kids at the party and bring in some colour and entertainment for them. Lego are fun and they captivate kids’ attention allowing them to immerse themselves in the experience. 

6. Superhero Theme:

Whether you are a lover of the MCU or not, every kid loves a good superhero and you can make their first birthday theme exactly that. Go for an all-black theme with Batman, or a red and blue-themed party with Spiderman.

7. Outdoors Theme:

There are different 1st birthday decoration ideas at home for the outdoors. Have a fun beach-themed party with floaties, toy fish, and balloons. Or a classy garden party, a fun farm party, etc. Put effort into every detail to make it unique by making everything from snacks to decorations look like the theme.


8. Alien Theme:

Little ones are always daydreaming about Aliens and you can make an exotic ‘alien with me’ themed party which has a warm and cosy feel. Set up your location with the decorations and set up an area for snacks with similar 1st birthday themes.

9. Adventurous Theme:

Take your little man on an adventure right in your home with adventurous-themed parties like jungle themes, safari, outer space themes, monster themes, and many more. The options are limitless for this first birthday party theme.

9 Interesting First Birthday Decorations for Your Daughter

Here are a few 1st birthday decoration ideas at home for your beautiful princess that you can throw for her.

1. Shades of Pink:

Simple and effortless, nothing beats simplicity and making it even more amazing by going with different shades of pink for the party. Pink is a calming yet inviting colour that would get your princess excited. Go with pink decorations, outfits, and snacks.


2. Disney Theme:

Whether you’re going for a Disney princess, another fun character, or just the vibe of one of the many Disney movies, you can recreate different things, there are endless possibilities for this theme, so explore all the options.

3. Fairytale:

Go for the Happily Ever After theme or a winter wonderland theme to get this fairytale look. Throw in some castles whether it's the cake or other decor. Get creative with the desserts, cake, and other drinks, snacks, as well as the decorations.

4. Ballerina:

Cute little ballerina in her tutu and ballet flat. Get your darling all dolled up in her outfit and get her ready for her ballerina-themed party that would be a huge blast. You go for a pale pink theme with hints of white.

5. Mermaid:

Nothing is more adorable than your little one in an adorable mermaid costume. However, you can skip the costume and go for an Ariel-themed party or any other mermaid characters from different TV shows.

6. Carnival:

Make it stand out and a blast for the guests by going all out and throwing a carnival-themed party with all the works from games, to snacks, and decorations. There are so many 1st birthday decoration ideas for this carnival birthday theme.

7. Fruits:

There are various tasty and colourful fruits that you can make the theme of her party like watermelon, etc. You can explore the different fruits and go with similar decorations, outfits, and snacks for the party

8. Rainbow theme:

Unicorns, Care Bears, or Rainbows, add some extra colour to your little one’s life by creating a colorful-themed party. Why pink when you can go all out and all the way with fun and bright colours?


9. Outdoor theme:

If you’re planning on stepping outdoors to have the party, you can have one in your backyard in your garden, at the beach, park, or anywhere you would like to bring your idea to life.

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