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Article published at: Apr 19, 2023 Article author: Neha Agarwal
Breathable and lightweight fabrics for summer - One Friday World
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Kids love summers! They get to eat their favourite cold drinks and lollies and play out all day long. But the sweltering heat and excessive sweating can cause dehydration and weakness in kids and one sure way to keep them cool in the heat is by dressing them in clothes that help their skin breathe. 

Every season brings with it a different wardrobe to suit the temperature outside. If you’ve ever wondered what are the best summer fabrics for kids, keep reading this guide to breathable summer fabrics. All these fabrics are naturally sourced and help keep the body cool and breezy. They are lightweight and absorbent and ideal for long summer days. At One Friday World, we use premium fabric that is soft on children’s’ skin and keeps them happy and playful. Our clothes are designed in Milan, Italy following global trends in kids wear. You’ll find our summer collections vibrant and comfortable. 

Here are some fabrics to wear during summer season:

  • Cotton

Cotton is synonymous with summer for being soft, breezy and light as a feather. It’s ideal for all age groups and you’ll find that kids love it too. It absorbs sweat effectively and helps skin breathe easily. Choose this multi colour floral dress for babies, perfect for summer picnics or this pretty purple tiered dress with a big satin bow in front.

  • Linen

This fabric is gaining popularity because it is eco-friendly and organic while being a great summer fabric for kids. It is easy to clean and super lightweight and gets softer after every wash. Here’s a pink linen shirt that’ll make your boy truly stand out.

  • Natural Bamboo

This fabric is antibacterial and hypoallergenic along with being amongst the strongest summer fabric for kids. If you are in the search for best summer fabrics for hot weather, this one must be in your list. A lot of conscious mothers are going for natural bamboo because it is good for children’s skin and the planet too. In fact, it’s a thermo-regulating fabric that will keep your little ones cool in summers and warm in winters.

  • Poplin

This fabric has a canvas weave that gives it a light, fine ribbed texture. The weaves allow the fabric to be strong and silky which is why it is becoming a favourite amongst kidswear too. It is cool, lightweight and dries quickly making it a fabric suitable for baby clothes too.

  • Rayon

Rayon is amongst the most breathable fabric for summers and is as popular as cotton. It is cool and comfortable to wear, lets body heat pass and does not stick to the body with sweat – all of which make it ideal for summers.

If you’re wondering how to dress your kids for summer, we suggest you first pick clothes made using any of the above mentioned fabrics. These will keep your kids cool and playful. Next, you can use a range of accessories to keep your kids protected from direct heat such as caps and sunglasses. Not all will your child look stylish, she’ll also be safe from harm. Find more fun and trendy summer wear collections on our website or at any of our stores. 


  1. What accessories can I use for my daughter during summers?

Girls have a plethora of accessories to choose from. Take your pick from sunglasses, hand bags, scarves, hats and hair bands to jazz up their look.