10 Birthday Games and Activities to introduce in kids’ birthday for a memorable celebration

Article published at: Oct 21, 2023 Article author: Neha Agarwal
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Birthday celebrations and parties are always a blast when there are fun activities and interesting games involved. Those parties leave a lasting impression on almost everyone you invite to the party. Make your kids’ birthday party one that their family and friends will never forget by having various fun and exciting games for birthday parties at home or at whatever location you decide to host the party.

Here is a list of some of our favourite birthday party activities for teens and younger kids that you can incorporate into your party for everyone to have a fun time and a great experience.


5 Birthday Party Games That Won’t cost you a fortune

This list of games includes indoor and outdoor birthday celebration ideas that you can pick from.

  • Button-Button:

This indoor game involves passing a button among each other in a group setting and having others in the group try to guess who is in possession of the button. It is easy and very entertaining. It would be a great crowd-pleaser if the kids playing can pull off a poker face.

  • Musical Chairs:

This is a pretty common game that is played at parties. Set up chairs one less than the number of children playing. Hit the music and let them dance or walk around the chair. When the music stops, the kids should all grab a seat, the last one standing is out. Remove one chair from the mix and repeat until you have a winner.

  • Freeze Tag:

This is not just an incredibly fun game but it is also a great way to get the kids to burn off the sugar they’ve had from the birthday cake and other snacks and drinks at the party. This game requires a lot of running and is best played outdoors in a wide space. For this game, you would need two people to be assigned the ‘it’ players and everyone else gets to escape them. Once an ‘it’ player touches a player, they freeze in place. But they can be unfrozen when another free player comes to give them a double high five.

  • Pictionary:

This is an indoor game which you can play outdoors as well. It is a guessing game for kids of all ages and is well-suited for larger groups. For the game, there would be teams and in each team, one person is nominated to be the artist. This nominee draws the word and allows his teammates to guess what the word is from the drawing. It is a creative, exciting, and often hilarious game because it sometimes involves unskilled artists.

  • Treasure Hunt

This game can get anyone out of their shell and get them excited to discover the hidden gems or items. Don’t just hand out goody bags, make them work for it. Hide clues in the location where you’re having the party, and slowly disclose the location of the treats clue after clue. You can even make a map and tailor the hunt to suit the different age ranges of the guests.

Explore more ideas for birthday party games for toddlers and even older kids below.


5 Exciting birthday celebration ideas to make it blast

Here is a list of party games for children that can be played with toddlers and older kids as well.

  • I Spy:

For this game, kids have to take turns. Let everyone pick and number and have them go in ascending order. The first person should observe their surrounding and pick something they can spot. Let them describe it like "I spy, with my little eye, something blue." Everyone else would have to guess what the blue thing is by checking their surroundings until someone guesses right. The person can win a prize and the game can go on.

  • Fishing For Prizes:

This birthday game is a spin on the classic carnival game that involves kids fishing for magnetic toys from an inflatable pool. For this game, you need magnetic fishing wands and magnetic, lightweight cute kids’ toys and fun trinkets. You can get a few fishing wands and allow all the kids to play together, or they can take turns. Whatever the fish out, they get to keep and take home as their prize.

  • Sardines

This game is a twist on hide-and-seek where one person hides and everybody else seeks. However, when the first seeker finds the person hiding, they do not reveal her location. Instead, they hide with her and let the other seekers come find them. The others who find them, join them as well until it’s down to one seeker and everyone else packed like sardines in one hiding spot.

  • Pass the Parcel

This game requires some preparation. All you need to do is get a gift and wrap and rewrap as many times as the kids you’ve invited, maybe some more. For the game, give a child the wrapped gift and play some music as they pass it around. Stop the music and have the child holding the gift unwrap it. Continue this until a child unwraps the gift and reveals the gift rather than another wrapping paper. This game is a hit among younger kids.

  • Egg And Spoon Race:

Pretty simple, easy, and eggs-cellent game. All you need are hard-boiled eggs and some spoons; one of each for every kid who would be playing. Set them up at the starting line holding the egg in the spoon. Call it and let them make their way to the finish line, whoever drops the egg is out.



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FAQs on Birthday Party Games

Q. What are some 1 minute games for birthday party?

A: There are countless 1-minute games for birthday party that kids can try out. Some of these games include I Spy which is pretty fun and easy to play with a group of people or just a few people. Other 1-minute games include balloon toss for a fun and outdoorsy party, musical chairs are also a great game for a party with a few people.

Q. What can you do with 20 people?

A: There are various games to play at a birthday party for 20 kids or maybe more. A treasure hunt is a good way to utilize time and get everyone engaged in searching for clues and treasures. Charades is another way to get older kids excited about the game and you could also try out Pictionary for younger kids.

Q. How can I make my party fun?

A: Have different children’s party games ready and reserve some as backup in case there are factors that affect your game and you have to go a different way. For outdoor games, you can have egg and spoon races, potato sack races, etc. But have some indoor games ready at hand just in case the weather doesn’t favour you like hide and seek, pass the parcel, etc.