Ideal Colour Combinations For Kids’ Clothing

Ideal Colour Combinations For Kids’ Clothing - One Friday World

Vivid colours are easier for children to discern. Research shows that kids tend to feel happier when they are dressed in bright and matching colours.

Colour has also been shown to influence children’s attitude and conduct. Furthermore, kids today are far more assertive and independent than their previous generations and are particular about their choices from a young age. They are clear about the food they like to eat and know which colors and what kind of apparels appeal to them individually.

As a result, it is important for parents today to dress their kids in color combinations that match their kids’ persona and appeal to their sense of dressing too. 

Take a look at some of the best colour combinations mentioned below for your little one’s wardrobe:

1. Colour your doll's world in shades of Pink!

Pink is a fantastic color choice to make your little girl appear adorable. Its sweetness will permeate your child’s personality too. You can opt from a variety of pinkish tones like Rose Pink, Salmon Pink, Baby Pink and. You could also combine your girl’s Pink attire with White color to give a sense of tenderness and softness to her entire look. Pair your girl’s pink dress with pink stockings, a cute headband and accessories like mini handbags to make her look peppy and adorable.

Pink is a trending color for little boys too so don’t shy away from dressing up your baby boy in shades of pink. 

Kid Wearing Pink Dress

2. Bright colours for your little sunshine

Bright colors look great on children. They match children’s happy energy and often help them stand out in a crowd of adults. You can check out One Friday World's amazing golden yellow baby dresses', shirts and tops to add brightness to your little fellow's wardrobe and make his outfits more vibrant.

The contrast between dark and bright colours also works wonderfully. For example, if your boy is rocking a yellow sweatshirt, you can easily pair it with dark black trousers to complete his look.

Black Trousers

3.Blue for your tiny bug

 Blue is the color of water and is soothing on the eyes. It also looks great on both boys and girls. Different shades of blue can be worn together, for instance, a sky blue shirt can be worn with navy blue trousers.  Or else, you can easily combine other colors with blue too. For instance, your little princess can make a statement in a classic light blue striped top with white floral denims.

Sky Blue Shirt

4. Dress your toddler in darker colors.

It is fascinating to observe how children associate different colors with different meanings. Sometimes, they may shy away from wearing darker color tones because they don’t look as cheerful as their colorful counterparts. But all moms know that darker colors appear less dirty and are easier to clean too. In order to get your child to wear a darker color, pair it with a lighter shade so that it balances his whole look.

You can wear darker toned dresses such as this brown pearl studded dress or another shirt in deep tan, chocolate shade with cream or white. They work as best colour combinations for kids clothing.

Brown Dress

5. Warm shades for your little wanderer!

Warm hues evoke a cozy feeling of tenderness and are generally preferred by new moms.  They elicit feelings of security and comfort.

Yellow, red and orange are counted amongst warm colors. These shades are vibrant and energising and they are ideal for a growing baby's development and growth. You can find a variety of clothes for your kids in these shades at One Friday World. Check out this yellow maxi dress or this Red Minnie dress or this orange t-shirt for little boys.

Yellow Maxi Dress

 6. Blend white in your child’s colorful world for an elegant look.

 White acts as the perfect backdrop to pair any other color with. White colour suits everyone and is a staple garment in everyone's wardrobe - from kids to adults. If you have white trousers for your baby boy or a white skirt for your girl, you can simply combine them with a tee in any colour of your choice.

When combined with white, dark colours stand out brightly in comparison. But you can also pair your white clothes with another light colour to give a more neutral and chic look.

White Trousers

7. The mystery of olive, aubergine, teal, mauve, and other unique colours

These unique colours may necessitate extra care, but they look super cool. Because Olive is a darker tone, it can be paired with CreamYellow, Tan or Peach. Aubergine goes well with White and Off-White while Teal can be paired with Grey, White and black for a classy and formal look for your rockstar!

You can use these colour combinations or you could mix & match and see what suits your kid’s personality. You could also visit One Friday World store and discover some unique color combinations on display.

About One Friday World

One Friday World has a wide range of shirts & t-shirts, party wear dresses, suits & waistcoats, night suit sets and many more clothing items for your little superstar. Our comfy yet fashionable prints and designs are the perfect way to spice up your child’s wardrobe. The clothes we make are soft on the skin and easy to wear and take off.

Each one of our collections is unique and built from the bottom up, beginning with a fresh idea. We follow international style patterns to make the best kids wear. Our design crew in Milan, Italy, works many hours exploring the latest fashion hues and designs in order to provide you with the latest fashion fads for kids. 

Our obsession with accuracy and exceedingly high norms guarantee that you only get the finest clothes for your child. We use internationally recognised standards to acquire our textiles, materials and embellishments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do colours affect children’s mood?

Children feel better when they get to have a say in what they wear. They feel empowered and energised when they look their best and therefore if they are allowed to pick and wear clothes in the colours they like, it lifts their mood and leave them feeling happier.

2. What are the benefits of dressing up kids in cool colours? 

Cool hues have a soothing effect on children and are thus associated with natural elements such as water, space, and the sky. Exposure to cool colours (similar to the colour of the sky) calms the mind and body, reducing emotions of anxiety and aggression in children.