11 Unique Gift Ideas from Kids for Mothers

Article published at: Nov 2, 2022 Article author: Digital Impressions
11 Unique Gift Ideas from Kids for Mothers - One Friday World
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From taking care of our homework to sending us off with a freshly packed tiffin every day, our mothers do everything for us without expecting anything in return. Let’s appreciate their unconditional love and make them feel like the most special person in our lives by gifting them something unique and precious. Don’t worry about buying something expensive! Just gather your crayons, pens, some colored sheets and read on as we give you some amazing gift ideas that you can make at home. It’s time to get your little hands dirty and colourful. After all, there’s nothing as special as a hand-made gift, right?


Take a small cardboard box. Ensure that the box is taped from all sides, excluding the opening flap. Now, cover the whole package with white paper or paint it with white watercolour. You can take someone’s help to do this.
Next, you have to decorate your box. You could write a short quote or a poem for your mum, or you could paste a picture of your family on it. You could add ribbons, beads, sparkles, dried flowers, pasta (Yes, the same pasta you eat!) - whatever suits your fancy - to make your box look pretty.
All you have to do now is fill your box with chocolates and cupcakes and your box full of Love is ready!
We are sure your Mother would be delighted with this gift.


Who doesn’t love Origami? The paper miniatures can melt anyone’s heart. And even though it may seem tricky at first, it is quite easy to do. All you need is a bit of patience to follow through the instructions.

To try out Origami, you only need colored paper. It should preferbaly be colored on both sides. Simply watch this tutorial to learn how to make Hearts and Tulip Flowers and soon, you’ll have a bouquet of paper hearts and tulips ready to gift to your mom.

If you found Origami art interesting and would like to explore it further, you can check this video to learn how to make swans and ducks. Rest assured, your mother would safe-keep your hand made treasures forever.


If you really want to help your mom relax and take a day off from all the chores, take her to a spa. We know you may not be able to do this on your own, which is why we suggest you rope in your father or an elder sibling to help you with your plans. All you need to do now is to check out a nice spa near your home, book it with the help of an elder you trust and surprise your mom with a spa ticket for the day while you and your father take care of the home for a day.


If you want to make this weekend memorable for your mother, you can also try gifting her Twinning Dresses. Dressed in matching outfits, you two could go out shopping, or simply stay at home and take many pictures. Trust us, your mom will always look back at these memories with love.
Check out One Friday’s Twinning Dresses!


To make a card, take a sturdy sheet of colored paper and fold it in half. In order to decorate the card, we’ll use colourful pulses from the kitchen. Be safe while rummaging through the kitchen shelves. You don’t want to spill the beans and pulses, making a mess of the kitchen and adding to your mother’s chores.
Now, draw flowers with large petals on the cover of the card and spread glue over them. Next, paste different pulses over the glue and let it sit for ten minutes. When the glue has dried and the pulses are set, shake the card to remove excess pulses. Highlight the outline of your flowers and your card cover is ready.
Simply write your special message inside the card now and watch her smile with pure delight while reading it.


Do you have glass jars lying around the home? Well, it’s time to upcycle them into adorable gifts for your mum. We’ll tell you how.

Take a glass jar and clean it properly. Now, get a cute photograph of you and your mother and place it in the jar upright. Next, get a string of fairy lights and crumple it and put it inside the glass jar. Sprinkle some colourful, shimmering dust inside. Pull the plug of the fairy lights out of the jar and close its lid. Surprise your mom by placing it on her bedside table and switching off the lights of her room, so that her room aglows with just your glass jar and the photograph of the two of you sparkles in the night.


If you don’t want to play with pulses and beans, you can have fun with colours too. Simply dip your fingers in acrylic colours and start printing on the cover of your card. You can make flowers, hearts and much more using your fingerprints. Finish your card by writing a sweet poem for your mother inside.


Does your mother love accessories? Then, this is the best option for you to try. All you need is a good coloured crochet thread and some colourful beads. Check-in your stationery shops if they have beads with alphabets. If you come across some beads which look like colourful stones, those can be a great addition to your bracelet too.

Now, thread the coloured ribbon/thread through your colourful beads. And voila! Your bracelet is ready!


Are the walls of your home decked up with drawings and paintings you made? Or maybe your mother has hung pictures of you as a baby. Mums love to frame their childrens’ milestones and put them all over their homes for everyone to see. So, why not make them a hand-made frame to hang their favourite family portrait in?

For this, take cardboard and cut it into the shape of a photo frame. Do not use knives and scissors without adult supervision.
Next, colour the cardboard with white or black watercolour. Now, take a contrasting colour pen and doodle across the frame. You could even draw creepers or flowers. Or you could take a thick rope and paste it around the frame to give it an aesthetic look.

All you have to do now is choose a picture of your family that your mum particularly loves. And soon, you’ll see your mum has found a special corner to hang it in.


Let’s be honest. The idea of you working in the kitchen can be daunting for your mother because you can hurt yourself and end up making more mess than before. But it’s time to prove your mother wrong and extend a helping hand to her in the smallest and easiest way possible.
Choose some easy tasks like putting your toys back in the cupboard, lining up the cushions in your living room, keeping your books and pens in place and let your mom know that you’re happy to help.


If your mom loves plants, this is the perfect gift idea for her. All you need is a clean glass cup or jar. Decorate it however you like it - with colors, beads, rope, string, paper. Then, fill it up with some soil and plant a new sapling in it. Top it up with white stones, sprinkle it with water and wait for a couple of days for the sapling to set and take root. As this tiny plant would grow, it would remind your mother of you.


Hope you liked these gift ideas for your Mum. Although no matter what you choose to give her, she will love you unconditionally and keep these gifts as souvenirs for the future.
Also, don’t be alarmed if your Mother happens to shed some tears, for they would be tears of joy.