Our Story

Our garments are made with a gazillion gallons of imagination, a sprinkle of magic dust and a potful of love. Mesmerised with dreams & fantastical journeys, we often get lost in our magical land where anything is possible.

One Friday is a kidswear brand, born out of love for the whimsical wonder-world of children. It is a place that narrates stories of surreal ventures & travels, here reality seems like a time that is far far away.

One Friday celebrates the spirit of childhood with wonderous splendor. We wish to capture it’s innocence with a pinch of prep and a pot full of trend. Each piece of our clothing whispers its own unique tale.

our Mission

We hope our collection inspires all tiny tots, to continue on their path of crazy adventures and never ever grow up.

Ps: we love building castles in the air…literally… it’s located in the magical clouds of secret skies.