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Buy Hoodies For Girls Online and Get Ready For A Stylish Winter

Winter brings with it harsh weather and cold winds that you need to protect your kids against. Stock up on essentials like girl sweatshirts and hoodies, because you don’t want your little one catching a cold or falling sick in the changing weather. 

Get cute and fashionable hoodies for kids girls and rest assured that your girl will be cozy and comfy. Sweatshirts and hoodies are necessary for the cold season, but you must also pay attention to the latest styles and trends. Take into consideration your kid’s likes and dislikes to make sure your baby girl is happy with her wardrobe. One Friday World has a unique collection of new stylish hoodies for girls online that will make them squeal with joy. Our collection is interesting and charming and your kids will fall in love with our whimsical designs and prints. ...

Explore Our Collection of Sweatshirts for Kids Girls and Pick Your Favourites For This Winter

Here are some stylish hoodies for kids girls online by One Friday World:

1. Purple Full Sleeve Hoodie:

This purple hoodie is a cute pick for your kid’s wardrobe. It looks absolutely adorable when paired with jeans and is an ideal outfit for casual hangouts. It is also soft and comfortable to wear because it is made using pure cotton fabric. Your child will feel safe and protected from the cold once they snuggle up in this hoodie. It also has a colourful OF logo that looks quite fancy. 

2. Off White OF Sweater:

This is a beautiful yet simple sweatshirt that looks stunning on children. Dress your little one in this off-white sweatshirt and watch your princess look magnificent at any party or playdate. Pair it with her favourite jeans and shoes to complete the look.

3. Navy Blue Full Sleeve Hoodie:

This is a co-ord set that will look stunning and add charm to your kid’s winter wardrobe. Help your daughter look absolutely magical in this navy blue hoodie and trousers with cool pink and black print. You can pair it up with dark coloured sneakers and your girl is ready to party.

Size Chart For Hoodies For Girls Online

Here’s an accurate size chart for kids according to different age groups which will help parents in buying girl sweatshirts and hoodies without any hassle. Our products are available in a wide range of sizes, starting from 1 year upto 12 years of age. Make sure you size up your child according to this chart to ensure you get clothes that fit like a dream. 

Size Chart (Inch)

Age Group

0-1 Years

1-2 Years

2-3 Years




9-10 Years

11-12 Years




























Size Chart In (CM)

Age Group

0-1 Years

1-2 Years

2-3 Years




9-10 Years

11-12 Years




























Hope you will find shopping for sweatshirts for kids girls more convenient now that you know the right size to buy your favourite outfit in!

Prices of Hoodies For Girls Online

One Friday World has high-quality and affordable winter wear for kids that looks stunning and is available at the lowest prices. You can bag some of these stylish pieces at handsome discounts and get the best quality winter outfits for your kids. Check out the hoodies for girls with price, so thar you can make the right choice.


Price (INR)


Purple Full Sleeves Hoodie



Off-White OF Sweatshirt



Navy Blue Full Sleeve Hoodie


You can also visit our website to check out current deals and discounts, to get fabulous winter wear for your kids at unmatched prices.

Tips To Select The Best Sweatshirt/Hoodie For Your Girl Kids

There are numerous styles for winter fashion wear for kids. Here are some tips that will help you decide which sweatshirt or hoodie you must buy for your little girl next. You must pay attention to the colour, fit, fabric, style and the comfort before deciding on any product for your child.

1. Go for their favourites: 

The best way to keep your kids happy with new clothes is to let them have a say in what you are buying for them. If they like the design and colours, they are more likely to wear it often and make full use of the outfit. Buy a hoodie for girls online in her favourite colour and watch her get excited to wear it everywhere! When you let her actively make a decision about the hoodie, she will love wearing it and it will also deepen her bond with you.

2. Pay attention to comfort: 

Even though you may want the most stylish hoodie out there, you must prioritise the comfort of your kid first. Ask your child to try on everything you wish to buy for them, so that if it's not comfortable, they can let you know beforehand. As a rule, though, pick clothes that are lightweight and soft, preferably made with cotton in order to prevent any skin irritation or rashes.

3. Pick Fun Designs and Patterns:

Since your kids are going to wear the hoodies, why not let them choose? Kids love quirky and interesting patterns with fun animal prints or tie-dyed prints that pique their curiosity. If you have only plain or solid colours to choose from, go for contrasting colours to make the look more vibrant.

4. Mix and Match Their Outfits: 

Pick versatile outfits that are easier to mix and match. It makes your child’s wardrobe more fun and useful, without getting boring. 

We have all sizes available from new born babies to 12 years old children. Refer to our sizing guide while picking out hoodies for your children to ensure a perfect fit.

5. Fabric:

Comfort is very important to consider while buying clothes for your kids. The choice of fabric will play a vital role in deciding the level of comfort that your child will enjoy. Our stylish hoodies are made from pure cotton which is one of the most breathable fabrics. Fabric of sweatshirts & hoodies for kids girls are super soft and will glide like a dream onto her skin. All our girl sweatshirts and hoodies are made using cotton fabric. Some of them are mixed with polyester. They are comfortable and durable owing to the unique blend of fabrics. They won’t cause rashes or any skin irritation, because this skin-friendly fabric is completely gentle on children’s skin and your kids will love it. 

6. Fit:

Hoodies for girls available at One Friday World have a regular fit so that your little one can easily put them on and head out to play. These hoodies are perfect for lounging in as well,  and look stylish and trendy. The hoodies and sweatshirts for girls are made using high quality fabric and thus give a perfect fit. Just choose the size of the product according to your child’s age and you will be pleased to find an ideal fit. All our hoodies and sweatshirts are available in a regular fit, which is neither too tight nor too loose on children’s bodies. It will fit your kids just right and hug their bodies well, protecting them from the cold weather.

7. Care :

Sweatshirts for kids girls do not come with a rigid manual for washing and can be washed like your other everyday clothes. Having said that, it is advisable to hand wash them with a mild detergent. These sweatshirts can also be ironed on low heat for straightening out the wrinkles. 

8. Color: 

Children love to experiment with colours as it exhibits their vivacious personalities. Our stylish hoodies are available in purple and off white colours. You can pick a colour that matches your child’s vibe.

9. Occasion:

The occasion you need to dress up your child for, sets the tone to the kind of clothes you must buy for him. Our off-white OF sweatshirt is ideal for those who are looking for something formal whereas our purple full sleeves hoodie will be a good choice for casual wear. However, you can style all garments any way you like.

Colours of Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Discover unique colours of hoodies and sweatshirts for girls at One Friday World. Here are a couple of them:

  • Purple Full Sleeve Hoodie: This is a striking colour that looks adorable on any kid and will make your little girl look like a princess. This colour is super trendy and looks bright and fresh. This hoodie also has a pink colour on the inside, which looks cute when the hood is left hanging behind. The logo is colourful, adding to the charm of this hoodie.
  • Off- White OF Sweatshirt: This is a simple yet subtle colour which holds the gaze and looks elegant. This beautiful sweatshirt will look very graceful and trendy on your kid. It also has little stars, and the logo of One Friday.
  • Navy Blue Full Sleeve Hoodie: If your kid loves darker colours, this navy blue hoodie is ideal for her. It looks stunning and as comes as a part of a co-ord set.

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Why Shop From One Friday World?

One Friday World is an Indian kidswear brand that aspires to make useful and innovative products for kids and engage them in our products to facilitate their growth. We have created a wonder-world where children feel at home and learn about faraway places and characters. They can be themselves and stay curious about their surroundings with the help of our interesting products. Check out our website today and discover a wide range of products from baby clothes and toys to kids’ accessories, footwear and mom’s clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why are hoodies so popular?

Hoodies are soft and comfortable and they feel like a big bear hug. They also look incredibly stylish, worn by several pop stars and celebrities, increasing their popularity amongst the masses.

2. Do kids like to wear hoodies?

Kids love wearing hoodies because they are loose, boxy and comfortable. Kids can easily move around and play in them. They also come in a variety of colours, making them appealing to kids. 

3. What kind of hoodies should you select for kids?

You can pick hoodies with a soft fabric that is easy to wash, because kids always run the risk of spilling stuff on their clothes while playing. Go for colourful and bright hoodies with prints that your kid will like.