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Chill Time Made Comfortable with Kids Joggers 

Watching your little ones grow up is a blessing. Kids always have some trick up their sleeves and keep finding new things to learn and explore. Early years play a crucial role in a child's development because there is a lot of sculpting that takes place during this phase, including learning and being active. While active play is important for your child’s growth, he also needs rest and time to relax and unwind.


To keep your little one at ease it’s important to dress him in comfortable clothing. Nothing feels as comfortable as a pair of loose fitted pyjamas. Get your child into the habit of changing into his pyjamas before going to bed to help him get a restful night’s sleep. A comfy pair of kids' winter pyjamas should be simple to put on and take off, feel soft against the skin, and keep your kids cosy throughout the night.

Here are some reasons why you must consider buying kids’ joggers on your next shopping spree. 

5 Reasons to Buy Jogging Pyjamas for Kids

1. Keeps Kids Warm

Pyjamas cover your little one’s legs completely, keeping him warm during chilly winter months. Also, if your child goes to bed with his PJs on, you don’t have to worry about him knocking the blanket off him at night as he’ll still stay covered. 

2. Offers Comfort 

Your little one must be at ease before going to bed to enjoy a decent night's sleep. He will be more likely to fall asleep fast and stay asleep for an extended period without interruption if he feels comfortable during his sleep.

3. Allows Movement 

With jammies on, the sportsman spirit in your child will be high and he’ll feel free  to indulge in activities that require a high level of dexterity, flexibility and speed. The superhero in him can climb, run and stretch easily. Get him the cosiest pyjamas online from One Friday. 

4. Saves Kids from Getting Bruised

We want our kids to stay active and play, but not at the cost of getting bruised. Kids’ jogging pyjamas cover their legs completely, so even if they fall or hit themselves, they have an extra layer of protection. If you are thinking of buying kids' pyjamas online, then One Friday has got you covered. 

5. Protects Against Environmental Factors

Be it the harsh rays of the sun or the dry chilly winter winds outside, your child’s sensitive skin can get hurt in harsh weather conditions. If he enjoys outdoor running or hiking, then kids' winter pyjamas are the best rescue options. Joggers also prevent your kids’ skin from mosquito or other pest bites.

Cover them with Love in Kids Pyjamas Online at One Friday

Our astounding collection of kids' joggers and kidswear collection at One Friday is all that your sporty child needs. Get ready for some online shopping for kidswear in India One Friday!

Navy Blue Solid Pyjama

Buy your child a Navy Blue Solid Pyjama that offers mobility and comfort to him all day long. If he is an adventurous soul, encourage him to express more with our ADVENTURE Navy Blue Pyjama. These are a perfect pick if you are looking for kids' winter pyjamas

Green Regular Fit Pyjama

Get our trendy and vibrant olive green pyjamas that’ll give your little one a playful yet cosy feel. These pyjamas come with an elastic waistband, which makes them easy to pull off and pull down. For a stylish look, these pyjamas can be paired with light-coloured baby boy jackets or sweatshirts.

Grey Pyjama

Our grey solid pyjama comes with cool tags on one side and looks super stylish when paired with polo tees. Easy to slip on, this grey kid's pyjama online is a perfect pick for your champ’s wardrobe. 

Mustard Pyjama

Boys appreciate wearing clothes that are entertaining and reflect their interests, like our cosy Mustard Pyjama online. Pair it with a white T-shirt and sneakers for an athletic look.

Not just pyjamas, One Friday has an amazing collection of boy's waistcoats and suspenders for boys to get your little gentleman ready for the next party.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How important is fabric quality in pyjamas?

Joggers must provide your skin with comfort and let it breathe. Choosing the wrong fabric may hinder the breathability factor of your skin, thus causing irritation. 

2. How to select a kid's pyjamas?

While you are selecting a kid's pyjama online, it's important to pay attention to its details such as fabric, size, fit, and composition.