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Stylish Accessories for Boys

Boys’ accessories available at One Friday World are the beginning of a fashionable quest for your prince. Each accessory is made with precision to give your son a range of intricately made accessories to spice up his outfit for any occasion.


We release new collections of accessories for boys for you to choose from. Each collection contains a range of similar accessories available in different colours, patterns, and designs. Style and comfort meet at One Friday World to offer unique kids’ products.

Don’t compromise on your little one’s style! Go ahead and choose from our wide range of fashion accessories for boys now.

Tips for Choosing Accessories for Boys

We’ve put together some interesting tips that will help you not only find and select the right accessories for your little one but will also help you put together a look that stands out.

  • Remember to keep it simple. Simplicity is the key and is better than over-accessorising.
  • Stick to one - three colours to match or complement your outfit.
  • Remember the colour as well as the pattern of your outfit and find accessories that go hand-in-hand with these key elements to transform your look.
  • Have signature accessories like belts, caps, glasses, etc. They can make or break any look.
  • Have fun! Accessorising is supposed to be all about mixing, matching and creating different looks.

Collection with OFW Boys Accessories

Here are the different collections of cool accessories for boys available at One Friday World.

  • Belts:

Our collection of kids boys belts is available in different patterns, styles and colours. Some of the styles and designs of belts available here are solid leather belts, solid elastane belts, multi-pattern elastane belts and swirl/criss-cross pattern elastane belts.

  • Caps:

Our collection of trendy caps for boys comes in vibrant colours and unique prints/designs that your little ones will love. These caps are made of materials like 100% papyrus and 100% cotton. Check out our range of stylish caps for girls online.

  • Gloves:

If you are looking for the best accessories for boys, you can not miss our gloves that are perfect for the winter season. They are soft, thick and stylish. These gloves for boys are available in three different colours with the same beautiful and unique design. The printed stars vary in colours in each glove and go perfectly with the dark grey, dark blue and dark brown gloves’ base colours. They are made of 100% Acrylic fabric and 100% Polyester fabric.

  • Scarves:

You’ll fall in love with our statement scarves while browsing for kids accessories online India. These scarves for boys and mufflers are soft and are available in both dark, muted and bright, beautiful colours. They are made using 100% acrylic fabric. Some colours available are burgundy, navy blue, bright yellow, margarine yellow, off-white, pinkish-nude, grey, and pale pink.

  • Suspenders:

Suspenders for boys add a touch of elegance and easily elevate your child’s look, helping him stand out. The fun colours and prints available are unique and just what your boy needs to look charming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What kind of accessories should boys wear?

Gloves, scarves and mufflers are some boys’ accessories that can be worn in the winter season, while belts, caps and suspenders can be worn in any season. 

2. Should you accessorise your boy’s outfit?

Accessories have a way of elevating an outfit and making an ordinary look seem stylish. Kids’ accessories, boys accessories like the ones we have available, are just what you need to spice up your little one’s outfits and make him look chic and classy.