Fun and Unique Hair Accessories for Your Daughter

Article published at: May 5, 2023 Article author: Neha Agarwal
Fun and Unique Hair Accessories for Your Daughter - One Friday World
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Accessories have the power to make or break a look – and this holds true for your little girl too. So while you are looking for cutesy hair accessories for girls, we suggest you scroll down at our suggestions and be spoilt for choice. 

Changing your daughter’s hairstyle can change her entire look. Have fun experimenting with new hairstyles using unique hair accessories for girls. While baby girl hair clips will make your toddler look adorable, chic headbands will make your young girl look prim and proper. Hair accessories have the power to jazz up any outfit and instantly make your daughter ready to step out and shine. 

5 Types of hair accessories you can get for your daughter

1. Hairbands

Hairbands are back in fashion and everyone is sporting them – from celebrities to influencers to little girls going out on picnics. They help keep hair out from your girl’s eyes and make her party ready in no time. Our exclusive range of hairbands at One Friday is sure to get your daughter many compliments. They are made using soft fabric so that they won’t poke into your child’s head and will help her stand out at every event. Try this classic beige velvet hairband for a princess look or this gold chain braid hairband for a chic look. 

2. Clips and pins

If your baby or toddler does not have a head full of hair to make pigtails, you can use clips and pins to make new hairstyles for them. You’ll find a range of clips and pins available in the market from fancy cartoon characters to fun elements in vibrant colors like rainbows, unicorns, candies and much more. 

3. Rubber Bands

Even though rubber bands are an essential item in every girl’s wardrobe to keep her hair in place, you will find a variety of rubber bands available in the market today. Some come with attached net that falls across your child’s pigtail; others have entwined elements that pop up. Use your creativity and discover new styles of pigtails and use colourful rubber bands to help your daughter stand out.

4. Hair Extensions

These are the rage in the market. They are fake hair stands that come in pastel rainbow shades. Sometimes they come attached to a clip that can be simply tucked onto your girl’s hair, other times they come as braided hair strands that can be tied around as a rubber band. All girls love it and feel like fairies wearing it.

5. Hair wraps

This is another great option for babies and toddlers, who may not want to wear other hair accessories. Hair wraps are soft, comfortable and can completely transform your child’s look. You can sport it on your older girls too and help them look ladylike. 

The design team at One Friday World is based out of Milan, Italy and stays updated with global kids’ styles and trends to provide parents with the most unique and fancy hair accessories and apparel. Rest assured, styled in our hair accessories, your daughter is sure to get many compliments.


1. Are hair extensions safe to use on children?

Yes, hair extensions for children come as strands that can be clipped on to their real hair or tied around as rubber bands. 

2. Are hairbands for baby girls comfortable?

Hair bands for babies are made using soft elastic that stretches across their heads to stay in place, without poking them.

3. What hair accessories can I use for my new born baby girl?

You can use elastic hair bands, hair wraps, turbans and caps.