7 At-Home Entertainment Ideas To Make Your Friday Nights With The Kids Super Fun!

7 At-Home Entertainment Ideas To Make Your Friday Nights With The Kids Super Fun!

Fridays are just as exhilarating for kids as they are for us. With no school to look forward to the next day, your little ones are happy and excited to spend a few extra hours with you before they hit the sack. And while a round of ‘Snakes & Ladder’ seems fine, it’s time to add more interesting and informative activities to the mix. From spiking their curiosity levels to making them get up and move, these 7 ideas are going to be a hit with your kids:

A magical DIY fairy jar!

Indulge in a fascinating art project with your kids this Friday night! All you need is an empty mason jar, two glow sticks and glitter. Snip the end of the glow stick and pour the contents in a clean mason jar. Next, put in a good amount of glitter and give the jar a good shake. The glitter should cover the walls of the jar nicely. Now switch off the lights and watch your little one’s jaw drop as he/she sees the fairy jar come to life.

A minute to win it

Got two little munchkins who you need to keep occupied?! We’ve got the best game to improve their vocabulary and develop their thinking process. All you have to do is give each of them a topic to speak about for a whole minute. The rules are that they cannot pause for more than a few seconds and cannot repeat anything they’ve already said. Do give them a minute to collect their thoughts before they start with the monologue!

Bake a cake together

Baking together can a fun activity for both the child and the parents. It’s also a great way for the whole family to bond and you never know that your kid discovers that baking is his/her’s one true love! Of course, you get to relish the yummy cake after!

Time for a scavenger hunt!

Add some adventure to the mix by setting up a scavenger hunt at home. Your kids are going to love the thrill of hunting for their gift as you give them clues. You can even ask them to repeat the same activity by hiding something for you to find. Sounds fun, no?!

A scrapbook is for keeps

In a tech-obsessed world where all our memories are stored in a mobile phone, gift your child the pleasure of putting together a scrapbook full of memories. Take printouts of your family photos and throw in sketch pens, glitter and stickers for your child to decorate the pages.

The magical night sky

Step out onto your terrace for a night of stargazing and let your child’s imagination run wild. Let them make up imaginary shapes in the magical night sky and help them learn about and spot constellations. It’ll truly be an experience.

Dinner in a tent

Ditch the dining table and set up a tent in your living area. Buy one to suit the size of your family and do it up with fairy lights for that whimsical vibe. Prepare bite-sized food items, dim the lights and get into the tent to share an intimate meal with your family.


These simple, no-fuss activities are sure to bring a smile on your child’s face while also making them learn and experience new things. Do let us know what you’re doing this Friday night!

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