1-Year Baby Girl Birthday Dress Ideas

Article published at: Jul 9, 2024 Article author: Neha Agarwal
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Our adorable tiny caterpillars' first birthdays are always memorable occasions that should be enjoyed with loved ones. After all, our child turned one today! And wearing a gorgeous party dress for 1 1-year-old girl makes this day much more memorable.
Finding the best birthday dress for your baby girl will be quite difficult if you are gifted with a large choice of attractive dresses both online and offline from which to choose. However, there's no need to worry about this as One Friday World can walk you through a quick rundown of the top birthday dresses for 1-year baby girl. 

Top 11 First Birthday Dress for Baby Girl

Infant Girls Cotton White and Blue Denim Dress

Denim are a timeless fashion statement that may be worn by anybody, infant or old! Here we have a stunning sleeveless cotton white and blue denim pleated dress with a schiffli top made entirely of cotton. What can I say other than the pleated skirt gives the dress and color combination a little more class? It works like a charm!

Baby Girls Blue Embroidered Dungaree with T-Shirt

Here's another sophisticated summer ensemble in denim: a blue embroidered dungaree with a t-shirt that features Disney characters on the upper portion of the dress, resulting in an overall knee-length ensemble. It includes a white t-shirt with no sleeves that accentuates the beauty of the dress and fastens with a snap button at the back for a secure fit.

Baby Girls Off White Colored Candy Top with Skirts

Whatever happens, females will always remain the fans of pink. And thus, this is our white-colored candy top with skirts. It includes a cozy, soft cotton top with a ribbed collar, lace sleeves, and comfort. Adorable candies are embroidered down the bottom of the neckline, and a snap button in the back makes it simple to put on and take off. The colorful frill skirt matches perfectly and completes the ensemble, making it the best birthday dress for a one year girl.

Baby Girls Off White Floral Peplum Top with Shorts Set

You should choose the set with the peplum top and matching shorts if you're searching for something basic that your kid can wear in the future. Vibrant poppies and contrasting florals at the waistline adorn this off-white peplum top with shorts set. For a fun summertime outfit, pair this shirt with the matching shorts to make your baby look and feel amazing.

Baby Girls Pink Cotton Sweetheart Dress

After seeing this stunning garment, you will want to dress your pink baby in it. This girl's pink cotton sweetheart dress is made even more adorable by the addition of Disney characters and a net frill. But since it's made of pure cotton, your girl won't get any rashes from it, so don't worry.
This dress has an embroidered bow on the sleeves to transform your daughter into a little Disney princess, and a snap button in the back for more comfort while looking fierce.

Baby Girls Peach Laced Sleeves Dress

Hold on, if you're a fan of the old-fashioned school, your child will appreciate this look on her when she gets older and looks back at her first birthday photos. For a chic and refined appearance, this peach-laced sleeve dress has a bow at the neckline and exquisite embroidered lace on the cap sleeves. Additionally, your child will be comfortable wearing this dress all day long due to its soft, breathable material.

Baby Girls Cotton Floral Laced Dress with Bloomer   

Dresses look great when they combine comfort and sophistication, which a girl's cotton floral laced dress with bloomer set makes quite feasible. It is laced across the neck and shoulder for an exquisite yet comfortable design, and it has snap buttons on the front. The red bloomer, which lets the little you slay in style, completes this A-line silhouette.

Baby Girls Yellow Printed 100 % Cotton Dress

This cotton dress is ideal for you if you love wearing dresses with laces. This gorgeous yellow dress with a fashionable violet touch is perfect for your girl. It features adorable lace details, Disney characters, and floral designs embroidered on the front.

Baby Girls Flower Printed Pink Sleeveless Dress with Cap

Your baby girl will look adorable and confident in this flower printed pink sleeveless dress with cap for any event. It has a pleated front panel design, many flower designs, and the ideal shade of pink. Wear it with the cloth hat for both protection and flair!

Baby Girls Off White Floral Printed Schiffly Cotton Dress With Bloomer

We now offer the perfect complement for your wardrobe: a sleeveless Schiffly cotton dress with a multicolored flower motif that pops. Additionally, it has a frilled neckline that looks lovely with headbands.

Baby Girls Green and Pink Cotton Peter Pan Collar Dress

The Peter Pan contrasting white and pink flower dress with green will turn your baby into a tropical girl. This green and pink cotton peter pan collar dress is ideal for your baby to glide around at her party since it has a charming fabric flower on the waistline and a bow on the sleeves.

Types of Accessories Go Well With A 1 Year Baby Girl

Dresses give a more appealing look on babies when they are paired with the perfect accessories. Let’s see what accessories can go well with a 1-year-old baby girl.


Hair accessories such as headbands add a touch of charm to the baby’s outfit. However, they are not only designer but also safe and comfortable for the baby’s head.

For the cuter look of your baby, you can go for pearl headbands, gold chain headbands, and the most trending twill headbands.


Another accessory for hair that you can go for is the head bows which will make your girl look more like a Disney princess. There are two options available for you – a hair bow clip or a bow hairband.


While going to outdoor parties, even kids need something to protect their eyes and face. To their rescue comes the caps of different styles and designs. Also, there are a variety of winter caps that you can pair with birthday dresses when the baby’s big day lies in those snowy months.


Whether it's winter or summer, wearing socks provides a little warmth to the babies. Baby’s bodies are not able to adjust to the outside temperatures so wearing socks is a must for them. However, apart from being beneficial for the body, they also add a style statement for your baby.


For those cute birthday parties in the cold months, we have come up with warm gloves for baby girls in fun color options.


We at One Friday World provide a plethora of choices for 1st birthday dresses for baby girls. Our infant girls should, after all, be dressed in the cutest and most fashionable attire. To give your little girl the nicest look possible, pair your gowns with adorable accessories or look for first-birthday baby girl dress ideas.


1. What are the most popular colors for a 1-year-old's birthday dress?

For the fairy tale princess look, your baby can go for soft pastel color such as pink, lavender or mint green shades.

2. How should I choose the right size for my baby girl's birthday dress?

For the right size, you need to take the measurement of your

child and check it with the chart measurement given in the shopping website.

3. How should I care for my baby girl's birthday dress after the celebration?

If you want to look as pretty as your baby girl, you can go for twinning in a floor-length dress or a chic suit.