Ways to help kids beat the cold chills

Article published at: Dec 6, 2022 Article author: Digital Impressions
Ways to help kids beat the cold chills - One Friday World
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Winter season in India

India is known not just for its diverse culture but also for its amazing climate. Our equatorial position allows us to experience the beauty of all four seasons in their full glory. Indian winters are known for being beautiful and that is probably why they are often referred to as the ‘pink’ of all seasons. 

The winter season in India begins in November and lasts till February. Having said that, it is important to note that the onset of winter is characterized by the location of a particular city or state in the nation. Therefore, winter months vary from place to place across India.

No matter what the season is, children will always find a way to make merry and have fun. Their vibrancy can light up even the gloomiest of seasons. Although the charm of winter cannot be missed, one still cannot ignore the problems that this season brings for children.

Kid in snow

Problems experienced by kids due to cold winter winds

1. Common cold 

This is the most common problem that ails all children alike. Viral and bacterial infections irritate children’s respiratory system, causing them trouble. Symptoms such as a runny nose, itchy throat and sometimes fever occur due to common cold. This problem relieves itself with proper care and medication taken through doctor’s recommendation. 

Kid suffering from cold

2. Strep throat 

This is a bacterial infection that is very prevalent during the winter season. (3) It is a contagious problem and can be transmitted through people who are suffering from it. Its symptoms include a sore throat which might feel scratchy and irritable.

3. Bronchiolitis

This is an inflammatory condition that affects the airways of the lungs. The main cause of Bronchiolitis is the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and this problem is pretty common in children below two years of age. It can affect older kids as well. 

4. Ear infection 

An ear infection is another common problem associated with the winter season. Kids might experience a sharp ache in their ears which may require medical diagnoses and intervention. It can also happen due to wax build-up. 

Ear infection in Kid

Winter clothes’ ideas

Appropriate clothing is one of the best precautions in the winter season for kids. You can adhere to the following tips while putting together winter wear for kids. 

1. Warmers for the win!

Appropriate inners or thermals make sure that the chest remains warm and protected from direct chills. They also make additional layering easy and comfortable.

2. Layer up 

Learn the art of layering for your kids winter clothes. You must add multiple layers to your child’s outfit to ensure that their body heat is used up in keeping him warm with good insulation.

Kid in winter clothes

3. Socks and gloves 

You must make sure that your child’s feet and hands are warm. Invest in good, fleece socks for your kids to keep them warm and snug. If you wish to step out with your child during the winters, it is a good idea to make them wear good hand gloves as well.

Kid wearing gloves

4. Jackets

When we talk about winter clothes for kids, jackets for kids girls are amongst the most versatile garments. You can pair them up with jeans and dresses and be ready for the day. 

5. Kids Boys Blazers

All kids look great in blazers and they make for a winter appropriate party ensemble. One Friday World has an amazing collection of kids boys blazers which come in appealing designs and colours to ensure that you kid stands out whenever he steps out. 

6. Sweaters

Sweaters are a wardrobe staple in winters. Boys love to don sweaters and so you must stock up on these trendy kids boys sweaters. The stylish designs and attractive colours will make your kid want to wear them again and again. 

7. Sweatshirts

One Friday World’s kids boys' sweatshirts and hoodies are warm and stylish. They will help your child brave the cold winter winds while looking super cute and stylish. 

8. Joggers/Track Pants

One Friday World has a good collection of kids boys' joggers/track pants which come in attractive colours with appealing designs. You can pair these up with sweaters or sweatshirts and create an outfit that looks casual and relaxed.

9. Cardigans 

One Friday World has kids girls cardigans which come in attractive colours to make your princess look her best. Explore the collection to pick out the best cardigans for your little girl.

Eating Tips for Kids in Winters

You should definitely incorporate the following foods in your child’s dietary regime to boost their immunity during the winter season. Read on for a few health winter tips for kids. 

1. Fruits 

Seasonal fruits like apples, oranges and bananas are abundant with essential vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C which can provide a much needed boost to your child’s immunity.

Kid eating fruits

2. Dry fruits 

Dry fruits like dates, almonds and nuts should be given to children to replenish fibre, iron, calcium and magnesium levels in their bodies. 

3. Green veggies 

Green leafy vegetables like cabbage, spinach, lettuce etc. are full of essential vitamins which can be amazing for your child during the winter season. If your kid doesn’t consume green veggies willingly, you can think of innovative recipes to prepare and present to your kid in order to make it appetising for them. 

Safety & Precautions for Kids in Winters

The following winter safety tips can go a long way in making the winter season safe and enjoyable for your children. 

1. Warm baths 

Bathing is a great way to cleanse your body and most kids enjoy bath time too. Don’t be tempted into skipping your child’s daily baths during winters. Warm bath can be beneficial during the winter season as the steam from the same can help in opening up the nasal passages.

Kid Bathing

2. Don’t forget to moisturise 

Winters can be very harsh for your child’s skin and therefore it is important that you protect their delicate skin with a good moisturiser and sunscreen.

3. Stay hydrated 

Children are more prone to dehydration during winters than adults. Therefore, it is important that you encourage your kid to consume plenty of fluids in order to stay healthy and hydrated during the winter months. 


Q1: Do all children catch cold in winters? 

Children tend to catch cold during winters more frequently as this season makes them vulnerable to respiratory infections. Having said that, it is important to note that children and adults can catch cold in any other season too and it depends on several other factors like immunity and environment amongst others. 

Q2: Should you follow home remedies or take medication for cold during winter months? 

If your child is feeling too uncomfortable or is losing appetite or weight, then you must visit the paediatrician to discuss the problem and seek medication.  

Q3: Do home remedies work for children to beat the winter chills in children? 

Prevention is better than cure and this is where home remedies play an important role. You can test several home remedies and observe which one works best for your child. However, if you feel your child is uncomfortable, you must seek professional help.

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