Trendy And Unique Accessories To Make Your Child's Outfit Stand Out

Article published at: Jun 1, 2023 Article author: Neha Agarwal Article tag: Accessories
Unique Accessories For Your Child
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Accessories can elevate ordinary outfits, while giving party dresses the zing they need to turn heads and make a statement. You must invest in good accessories for your children, because they are versatile and can be styled with many outfits, for different occasions. They can also last you many seasons and do not easily go out of style. Pick timeless pieces in classic colors and watch your children mix and match and create Insta-worthy looks. The importance of kids accessories in fashion lies in the fact that they help children express their creativity and individuality. It also reflects their personality and develops their unique style.

Fashion accessories for boys

Anyone who says fashion accessories are only for girls hasn’t heard of One Friday World. We house cool accessories for little boys that add style and personality to all their outfits. Check out these fashion accessories ideas for kids boys.

  • Belts

Belts are necessary to hold those pants up tight, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring or uncomfortable. Check out this beautiful criss-cross multi pattern belt available in different colors.

  • Caps

Get your boys some fun caps not just to beat the heat and keep the harmful rays of the sun away, but also to help them stay cool. This bright yellow cap is perfect for summer.

  • Suspenders

Elevate an ordinary shirt to a party outfit with suspenders. They transform your child’s look and help him look like a proper gentleman. This Mickey print suspender is super fun and perfect for casual outings while this striped suspender is deal for family functions. 

Fashion accessories for girls 

There are a wide range of fashion accessories ideas for kids girls available online and in markets near you. The key is to pick quality accessories that don’t just last long but also use premium raw materials that don’t poke at your child or irritate her delicate skin. If you are looking for unique fashion accessories ideas for kids girl, you’re at the right place. One Friday World houses extraordinary girls’ accessories that are stunning pieces and will transform your child’s look. Have fun exploring girls’ accessories like watches, belts, clips, sandals and much more. We’re hand picking a few for you below:

1. Hats

Ditch the boring old caps for our summer hats that are delicate, stunning and just so pretty. This nude sun hat is super stylish and will become your girl’s favourite. Try this pink summer hat with a matching bag that’ll help your girl look beach ready.

2. Hair accessories

All girl mums know how a simple hairstyle can change their daughter’s look. Have fun creating new looks for your princess with stylish hair accessories. From clips to rubber bands to hair bands – you’ll be spoilt for choice. Get your hands on this classic and elegant beige hair band for your girl. For a casual day out, you can’t miss this grey polka dot hair band.

3. Handbags

Get your little one this stunning hand bag to help keep her treasures and to also transform her into a little lady. 

At One Friday World, we stay up to date with global fashion trends and this taste gets reflected in our designs too. Through our distinctive and cutting-edge designs, we share tales of adventures. We source our fabrics, raw materials and trims in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

Our design team in Milan, Italy, spends countless hours selecting unique colour palettes and adorable designs that make up our extensive collection of clothing and accessories available both in stores and online.

To bring you the newest and freshest from the fashion world, we anticipate the latest trends, colours and prints and provide them in our collection.

Check out more fashion accessories ideas for kids and kids wear at One Friday World.


1. What accessories can a girl wear?

There are many options available. From clips, pins, hairbands to handbags, belts, beanies, sunglasses, bracelets, anklets – you’ll be spoilt for choice.

2. Are accessories more important than clothes for kids?

Accessories can’t replace the functional necessity of clothes, but they do play an important part. While they can elevate a look, hair accessories help hold hair in place and cats, sunglasses provide respite from heat and the direct rays of the sun. All accessories have functional value too. 

3. Why are accessories important for kids?

Accessories help kids express their creativity and unique style. Apart from that, belts and suspenders help keep children’s’ clothes in place, while watches help them know the time. Hair accessories keep hair in place while hats, sunglasses protect from heat and the harmful rays of sun.

4. What should I consider in buying accessories for my kids?

Check the material used for making the accessory. If it’s made using poor quality materials, it may dig into your child’s skin and irritate him. Also, check the size to suit your child’s age.

5. What accessories should boys wear?

There are many options for boys such as belts, sunglasses, caps and suspenders.