8 Tips To Make kids’ winter wear Last Longer

Article published at: Jan 5, 2023 Article author: Digital Impressions
8 Tips To Make kids’ winter wear Last Longer - One Friday World
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Getting your kids ready during the winter season can feel challenging because you want to add more layers to your child without restricting his movement. This is why it's necessary to buy good quality fabric that will keep your kids warm without excessive layering. In order to make your winter clothes last longer, you must care for them well and also store them properly to use again in the next season. 

Here’s how you can make your kids’ winter wear last longer

Types Of Moths That Can Attack Clothes

Moths can destroy clothes and render a garment useless. Here’s how to prevent different kinds of moths from festering in your winter wardrobe.

1. Carpet beetles 

Carpet beetles feed on silk, wool, fur, leather. These moths can also feed on cotton and linen in case the garment is soiled. They can attack a wide range of winter clothes and damage their fibres. (2

2. Webbing clothes moth 

These moths are weak flyers and hence they do not thrive in well lit areas. They are found very close to the infested garments and can cause substantial damage to your child’s woollens. (3

3. Case making clothes moth 

Casemaking cloth moths are very similar to webbing cloth moths. The most defining difference between the two is that, the casemaking moths usually have a silken case with them which takes away the colour of the fabric on which they feed. (4)

How To Store/Preserve Kids’ Clothes the Right way?

It is very important that you maintain the hygiene level of your clothes in order to protect them from moth infestation. (3) Furthermore, appropriate manner of storage can also play a crucial role in helping you preserve your kids’ clothes.

  • Make sure you brush your child’s winter jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts etc. at least once a month and preferably out in the sun to prevent them from getting damaged by moths. 
  • You can store your child’s blazers and winter dresses containing fur in airtight garment bags. You can also put some naphthalene balls or any other moth repellent near the garment bag to protect your child’s clothes from moths. 
  • If you have a pet, it is even more important that you take proper care in terms of brushing your child’s winter clothes from time to time for dog fur is food for cloth moths. 
  • Ensure that the area where you store the garments is perfectly clean. Regular cleaning can also help you in warding off moths from your children’s clothes. 
  • In order to preserve the life of your childrens’ winter garments, make sure that you do not repeatedly wash them as it can dull their shine and make them feel rough on the skin.
  • If you are out of garment bags, you can use a garbage bag in an upside down condition with a small hole on top to store your child’s dresses and winter garments. 
  • Cloth moths often infect clothes kept in dark spaces and hence it is important that you open the cabinets regularly where winter clothes are stored. 
  • It is always advisable to wash winter clothes in cold water and hang them to dry instead of putting them in the dryer. This will help in easing the fabric abrasion. 

Tips To Follow In Order To make Kids’ Dresses Last Longer

  • Always opt for a mild detergent to wash your child’s clothes. Do not use a harsh bleaching agent or cleanser. 
  • It is advisable to use cold water for washing childrens’ instead of warm water. 
  • Do not wash every garment from your child’s winter wardrobe. Only wash the clothes that have been soiled. If needed, you can also opt for spot cleaning instead of washing the whole garment. Too much washing and drying can dull your child’s clothes. 
  • Before packing and storing your child’s winter clothes, make sure that you fold them properly. Moreover, none of the clothes should have any unwashed stains on them as it can become a breeding ground for moths. 


Q1. How do I store my kids’ clothes in the closet?

You can use shelf dividers to maximise the space in your closet in order to store your kids’ outfits properly. All the coats and jackets should be well dusted and kept in garment bags. Make sure that you fold everything meticulously before storing them in order to preserve their fabric.

2. How do I store my baby’s clothes so that they can be used in the future?

Wash your baby’s clothes in a mild detergent and let them air dry. You can also encourage your child to wear different clothes each day as children tend to turn a jacket or hoodie into their favourite and then repeatedly wear them, soiling them and needing them to be washed more often. This will cause more wear and tear. 

3. Is it safe to store kids’ clothes in the bed's cabinet?

Yes, if you do not have much closet space, you can store your kids’ clothes in the bed cabinet. It is advisable to fold the clothes properly while storing and put heavy clothes in garment bags for proper storage. You can also keep moth repellents in the bed cabinet for added protection.

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