Tips for Washing and Caring for Baby Clothes

Article published at: May 5, 2023 Article author: Neha Agarwal
Tips for Washing and Caring for Baby Clothes - One Friday World
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All parents build their babies’ wardrobes with much love and care. But in order to keep your child’s clothes looking fresh and new even after multiple washes, you must care for them and learn the proper process of washing baby clothes.  If you are looking for ways to increase the life of your baby’s clothes and keep them in good condition for a longer period of time, here are some tips for washing babies’ clothes that will be of use to you.

1. Wash your baby’s clothes separately

The first step in learning how to wash baby clothes is to separate them from other clothes. Never mix your baby’s clothes with the other clothes in the machine. Babies have sensitive skin and are prone to infections that their clothes may attract from the dirt and sweat of other family member’s dirty clothes. 

2. Further separate your baby’s clothes by color and fabric type

Just like you’d separate the whites from colored clothes for your own clothes, do the same for your baby’s clothes to avoid color bleeding. Different fabrics need different washing so that you can separate cotton fabric from polyester and others. You must follow both these steps in washing babies’ clothes for best results. 

3. Read the label printed on your baby’s clothes

All kids’ wear come with clear instructions on how to wash the garment depending on the type of fabric it is made from and the print used. In order to maintain the softness of the garment, read the instructions that clearly mention if a particular garment is meant only to be hand washed or only air dried. This will ensure your child’s clothes do not look faded or shrink in size after multiple washes.

4. Do not use hot water to clean your baby’s clothes

There is a misconception that hot water disinfects clothes. In fact, it damages delicate fabrics and causes clothes to shrink in size. Check the instructions on the garment, and use either cold or lukewarm water accordingly to maintain the fabric’s quality.

5. Separately wash baby nappies

Do not mix your baby’s soiled nappies with his other clothes. You can wash them out with clean water once before you mix them in the machine with other dirty clothes.

6. Pick the right detergent

Do not use regular detergents for cleaning your baby’s clothes. These detergents are harsh and must be avoided. Use a gentle detergent that is specially formulated for cleaning babies’ clothes. If your child’s garment is too soiled to get cleaned by a mild detergent, you can wash the dirty spot by hand first and then put it in the machine with the gentle detergent. Avoid fabric softeners as they can irritate your child’s sensitive skin.

7. Set your washing machine to a gentle cycle

To prevent your baby’s clothes from looking worn out, shrinking in size and feeling rough to touch – change your machine’s cycle to gentle mode. This will prevent unnecessary wear and tear. If your child’s clothes have difficult dirt marks, hand wash them first and then run them in the gentle cycle of the machine. 

8. Dry with caution

Let your child’s clothes dry out in the sun, instead of drying them in the machine or under a running fan. Air-drying freshens up the clothes. Unless mentioned otherwise, hang your baby’s clothes on a clothesline out in the open.

9. The right way to store your baby’s clothes

Store your baby’s clothes in a dry, clean and well ventilated space. Before you store them, fold them neatly to maintain their shape and elasticity and smoothen out any wrinkles. Avoid using plastic bags to store your baby’s clothes because they can trap moisture. Ensure that there are no rats or bugs in the space you store clothes.

Taking care of baby clothes requires extra care. Apart from knowing the process of washing baby clothes, one must also know how to store them properly. At One Friday World, we use premium quality fabrics that help keep your child’s clothes looking as new as ever, even after multiple washes. Check out our entire collection on our website and in store and do read the washing manual with each garment. 


1. Should you air-dry clothes after you unpack them from storage?

Yes, you must always put them to dry out in the sun to ensure they are disinfected before you put them back in your child’s wardrobe for use.

2. Are there separate detergents available for washing babies’ clothes?

Yes, there are special detergents available in the markets that are specially formulated for baby clothes. These are free from harsh chemicals and fragrances and prevent irritation and allergies.

3. How to avoid baby’s clothes from shrinking in size?

Inappropriate washing techniques can result in clothes shrinking in size after repeated washing. Wash on gentle mode using a mild detergent to ensure no shrinking occurs.