The Role of Belts in Completing Your Child's Outfit

Article published at: Jun 1, 2023 Article author: Neha Agarwal Article tag: Accessories
The Role of Belts in Completing Your Child's Outfit - One Friday World
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Belts are an important accessory in everyone’s wardrobe. Kids need belts as much as adults do, to hold up their pants and keep them in place, while also making a style statement. It may feel tricky to a child to open and close a belt on his own initially, but if you’d show your child how to unfasten it, put it through the loops a couple of times, they’d be able to make use of their motor skills and learn their way through it.

There’s a reason why belts are in vogue. From lehengas to shorts, jumpsuits to formal pants – you’d see a belt tying up a whole look together. It’s a must-have accessory in your child’s wardrobe. 

Belts come in many patterns, prints, colors and forms today. You don’t necessarily have to get your belt across hoops – you can simply tie it around your child’s waist or secure it with hooks. 

Role of belts in child's outfit

Unlike other accessories, belts are worn not just for enhancing an outfit, but also have practical uses and functions. Here are a few roles belts play in children’s outfits:

1. They look aesthetically pleasing

When you wear a belt, you visually break your look in to two parts – the upper and lower. The breaking up of the outfit looks visually pleasing and aesthetic when done with the right color coordination.

2. Help keep bottom wear in place

Every child is different and their physical measurements don’t always match up to brands’ size charts. It is smarter to buy one size up for kids’ clothes as children outgrow their clothes quickly. Belts go a long way in helping a child get a proper fit by preventing his clothes from sagging or slipping down.

3. They can be paired with different outfits

Gone are the days when belts were only born by boys on formal occasions with trousers and pants. Today, belts appear everywhere from Lehengas to tops and skirts. A simple contrasting belt with a subtle outfit or a solid colored belt with a vibrant outfit can elevate your child’s look and help them look more refined.

Different styles of belts for kids

Belts come in a variety of styles and can be used creatively to modify and create different and new looks every day. Here are some popular belt styles:

1. Classic belts

Every child needs timeless belts in shades of blue, black and brown to hold his bottom wear in place and match his outfit effortlessly. Try our classic belts available in three sizes to suit your child.

2. Criss-cross belts

These belts come in a knitted pattern of different color combinations and look stunning. They’d add charm to your little one’s outfit and refine his look. Try this red and blue belt or this multi colored belt.

3. Solid colored belts

These belts are statement pieces that can be worn in contrast to your child’s outfit. If your child is wearing a subtle colored monotone outfit, jazz it up with this bright red belt. But if your little one is wearing a poppy colored outfit, you can balance it with this grey belt.

4. Tie around belts

These belts are made using softer cloth fabrics, instead of leather and can be tied around your child’s waist – at the front, back or sides – into a knot. Take a look at how this matching white belt enhances the look of these Schiffili shorts. Or, get your daughter this purple jumpsuit with a vibrant tie around belt that looks super cute.

5. Embellished belts

These are embroidered or embellished belts that can instantly uplift an outfit and make it party ready, like these blue suede trousers that have an embellished buckle belt design, enhancing their look. Or, get your daughter this mint lace jumpsuit with a pearl embellished belt to help her look like a little lady.

Choosing the right belt for kids

Depending on your child’s age, you must introduce different kinds of belts to their wardrobe. If you are dressing up a baby or a toddler with developing motor skills, try to dress them in attached belts that do not need to be opened and closed. Like this tie around belt with shorts or this attached belt with an embellished buckle. You can also get your daughter this dress with a drawstring style of belt that’ll help the dress fit your daughter perfectly.

For older kids, you can use all sorts of belts. Choose the correct size when picking a belt. At One Friday World, our belts come in three sizes that can be fitted according to the child’s waist. Explore belts and many more kids’ accessories at One Friday World. 

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1. What types of belts are suitable for kids?

If your child is young, you can use tie around belts that simply need to be knotted at the back or front. You can use regular belts for older kids after teaching them how to unfasten them independently.

2. At what age should children start wearing belts?

You can dress up your new born baby too in a belt, as long as it’s soft, easy to tie and doesn’t irritate your child.

3. Can the same belts be used for both boys and girls?

If your child is confident enough to carry an offbeat belt with his or her outfit, let them experiment and have fun. Most belts can be used for boys and girls.