Smart & Trendy Must-Have Winter Wear For Kids

Article published at: Oct 14, 2023 Article author: Neha Agarwal
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Winters are drawing near and it’s time for you to browse through some of the best kids winter clothes so that you can stock up your kid’s wardrobe with all they could need! 

In this blog, we shall apprise you of all the baby winter clothes essentials & newborn baby winter clothes so that you can take your pick as per your liking and discretion. 

Style your Kid this winter with these stylish kids winter wear

When we talk about kids winter wear, it is important to remember that, the idea is not just to layer them abundantly so that they can brave through the winter chill. In fact, comfort and style are equally important. We have listed some amazing winter clothes for boys, girls, and newborns that are going to spoil you for choice:


  • Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are a quintessential part of buying winter clothes for kids. These hackers look smart and trendy. Moreover, you can make your kid wear these over anything to beat the chill. The blue puffer jacket from One Friday World is our personal favorite. 


  • Blazer 

While looking for winter clothes for boys, a sleek and smart blazer for boys should definitely make it to your shopping list. The Black Check Blazer from One Friday World can be paired up with a matching turtleneck and jeans or pants. 


  • Jackets

This brown coloured solid jacket is super versatile and it will make your little boy look like an absolute star. You can pair it up with jeans and sneakers for a fun, warm, and comfy look. 


  • Newborn Winter Set

This Cozy Houndstooth Elegance Newborn Boys' Set for boys has a waistcoat, trousers, and a shirt. The houndstooth pattern is simply amazing and it will make your little prince look like an absolute star.  


  • Sweaters 

A good sweater can be worn exclusively or underneath a jacket or a blazer. This will keep your baby warm and cozy while making him/her look super stylish. The Beige abstract sweater from One Friday World is one of our personal favorites. 

Gearing Up For Winters With Essential Baby And Newborn Winter Clothes

While looking for winter clothes for kids, you must ensure that you have the following essentials:

  • Thermals And Warmers 

The first and foremost thing while stocking up baby winter clothes, is to always have a good collection of thermals and warmers. This can be used as a base layer for added warmth and comfort. 

  • Booties And Mittens

This is super important! To keep your little one’s toes and hands warm, you should always keep them covered in booties and mittens. Always look for something that is easy to put on and remove to facilitate comfort for your little one. 

  • Winter Accessories 

Winter hats, scarves, mufflers, etc, can be super helpful in keeping your baby warm during the winter months. These accessories become super important when you take your baby out during winter. Always ensure, that the kid’s winter accessories should be made from a breathable material that doesn’t cause any discomfort to your baby.  


The purpose of buying kids winter clothes is to not just keep our kids warm but to make them look as cute and adorable as can be! You can take a look at our newborn baby winter clothes collection, baby girl winter clothes, and other kids winter wear to make your baby look amazing in our adorable range of baby winter clothes. You may also explore the above-mentioned options such as puffer jackets, mittens, turtle neck sweaters, etc, to take a pick that resonates with your child’s interests and preferences. 

So, don’t let the winter blues hinder your baby’s desire to enjoy to the fullest. Get your hands on the best winter clothes for kids, and get ready to help your babies embrace the magic of winter. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Winter Wear For Kids

How do you dress classy in cold weather?

The only thing to bear in mind while shopping for baby winter clothes is to always go for a well-put-together and cohesive look. Choose vibrant colors and attractive combinations to make your little bundle of joy look classy in cold weather. 

How do I choose a winter outfit?

Winter clothes for kids should be made from warm and comfortable materials so that your child feels comfortable while going out and about in winter clothes. 

How do I organize my kids' winter clothes?

Keep your child’s thermals, warmers, and inners in one place so that you can easily find them while dressing up your child. All the sweaters, jackets, mittens, booties, scarves, etc, should be arranged categorically so that you can match your little one’s outfit easily.