Little Things That Can Strengthen Father Son Bond

Article published at: Jun 12, 2023 Article author: Neha Agarwal Article tag: Father's Day
Little Things That Can Strengthen Father Son Bond
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A strong father and son bonding is proven to have long lasting effects on the development of a child. A present, involved and loving father creates a sense of security, belonging and confidence in the child. Sons tend to look up to their fathers as their role models, thus making it imperative for fathers to fulfil that role well. In their hectic schedule, fathers may not find much time to spend with their kids. This is when they need to remember that it is the quality of time parents spend with their kids that matters. Here are a few things fathers can do to make the most of the quality time they spend with their children. These little things can greatly influence and enrich a son-father relationship.

1. Do one activity together that you both enjoy

To develop father son bonding, pick a hobby together like learning how to swim or sign up for some sports activity that you both enjoy like basket ball or spend time understanding the mechanics of a car – the idea is to spend a couple of hours in the week doing something you both enjoy together. It’ll help build trust in each other and also make memories for a lifetime.

2. Read one book before bedtime

Kids need to relax before bedtime and reading a story does just that. It’s a quiet time that can be spent reflecting on the day and simply talking in bed, cuddling and having open conversation. Reading a story book encourages channels of communications and can affect bonding between father and son.

3. Go to the park and play 

Playing in an open space is a different experience than playing in your backyard. Fathers should make the effort of taking their kids out in nature. Let them get dirty and tire themselves out in play that exhausts their energy and teaches them valuable lessons about sportsmanship. Father son love develops when they admire each other. 

4. Make your own ritual and tradition

From Sunday ice cream evenings to Tuesday football practise – choose a day in the week and make your own ritual and follow it through religiously. It will make your son feel seen and he’ll feel like you are on his team and available for his needs. Father and son love needs to be watered through rituals like these.

5. Support your son in the way he needs

Societal expectation of how boys need to often makes them repress their emotions. As a father, you must let your child realise that you are his safe space and let him vent about all the many problems he may be facing in life. Without judging him for his changing hormones, guide him through his journey. A father’s love for his son gets expressed in this safe space he creates for his child.

6. Let him know that you love him and are there for him

Most fathers go the extra mile to provide for their family and meet all their needs, but they don’t always confess the love they feel for their children in words. It is important to tell your son often how much you love and appreciate him and how proud you are of him – so that they feel loved and secure.

Fathers love for son needs to be expressed in words too.

  • Be present at his school events and cheer him!

Those little sports events, ceremonies, performances mean a lot to your child and having his father in the audience cheering him on, is the boost he needs to perform his best. Inversely, fathers who stay absent from these events send the subconscious message to their kids that their achievements aren’t important enough, leaving them feeling ignored.

  • Dress him up for school

Make the effort to dress your child for school, or help in small ways when he is getting reading for school. Being involved in your child’s daily tasks not just makes you aware of his little habits but also makes the child feel seen and loved. 

  • Try to pick and drop him yourself whenever possible

It’s a good feeling to have someone wait for you after a long day at school. Whenever possible and however old your child may be – make the effort to pick him up happily. Talk to him about his day in the time you spend together in the car. Tell him about your day, speak of your colleagues and you’ll see a bond develop soon.

  • Watch old family albums together

The idea here is not just to introduce the family history and roots to your child, but to also help him peep into your personal history – your struggles, fears and joys, so that he confides in you, opens up to you and understands and admires his father as a person. 

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1. When is Father’s Day celebrated?

It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, every year. In 2023, Father’s Day will be celebrated on 18th June.

2. Why is Father’s Day Celebrated?

Father’s Day is celebrated to acknowledge the role fathers play in enriching their children’s lives through constant love, support, care and guidance.