4 Interesting DIY Diwali Activities for Kids this Festive Season

Article published at: Oct 7, 2023 Article author: Neha Agarwal
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With Diwali being around the corner, your preparation for the Festival of Lights might be almost over, but have you thought about how your kids will celebrate the day? While it is a time for joy, celebration, and family gatherings, amidst all the lamps, rangoli, and decorations, we often forget about the little ones. But the real magic of Diwali lies in the moments you create with your children. Kids and toddlers are equally enthusiastic about the day. So how to engage them in the Diwali activities? Let’s find out a few Diwali activities for kids: 


Simple DIY Diwali Crafts for Toddlers and Kids

Here is a list of creative diwali gift ideas handmade to keep your kids engaged and entertained during the festival:

1. Diwali Card Making

We all are familiar with New Year cards, and birthday cards. But do you know you can also make personalized Diwali cards? Handmade cards hold a special place in our hearts. Inspire your child to create Diwali cards for relatives and friends. 

2. Hand Painted Diyas

Instead of lighting up regular earthen diyas, ask your kids to hand paint them and let your child's artistic skills shine. A few acrylic paint bottles and paintbrushes are enough to complete this. 


3. Paper Decorations for Diwali

Let your kids decorate your home as much as they want using paper fire-craft, paper plate rangoli, cardboard lower lamps, paper Kalash garland, accordion fold paper diya, and many more such items.

4. Paper Lantern Kit

Making paper lanterns is a Diwali tradition. When you are busy in preparation for Diwali puja, your children can create these beautiful decorations.

Fun-Filled Diwali Activities for Kids to Make the Festival Special

Kids love to experiment with art and crafts projects. Don’t disappoint your kids by not allowing them to try out handmade Diwali gift ideas. It induces a sense of creativity and ownership in them. Make the most of their excitement by working on fun Diwali crafts such as creating rangoli with flowers, designing Diwali photo frames, drawing cute cartoons or pictures for Diwali stories, Diwali word games, preparing clay diyas, adorning home using fairy lights, crafting doubt mandalas, foam diya creation, rice rangoli, and much more. 


Stroll Through Some Interesting Diwali Projects for School

If your kid’s school also arranges Diwali activities, and your child has the freedom to choose any Diwali project for school, creating a Diwali presentation, making a Diwali chart, crafting playdough Diwali rangoli models, making a Toran, making garlands, and similar other handmade Diwali gift ideas can be great. 

Indulging in these DIY Diwali activities and projects not only boosts your kid’s creativity but also imparts the values and traditions associated with this special festival. Prepare your kids in festive attire from One Friday World (OFW). Finding festival clothes for your small one is made simple by OFW. Check out the collection on its online shop!

Frequently Asked Questions on Diwali Crafts

Q. What activities can we do for Diwali?

A. From creating rangoli to Diwali potluck, Diwali story session, sweets creation, DIY Diwali light creation, Diwali card making, and paper decorations for Diwali, there is no shortage of Diwali activities. 

Q. How to make Diwali fun for kids?

A. Let your kids experience the fun Diwali brings along. Engage them in Diwali crafts, storytelling, hand painting diyas, and rangoli making.

Q. How to make a Diwali celebration in school?

A. Involving kids in a Diwali project for school is ideal for a joyous Diwali celebration in school.