Fun Activities That You Can Do With Your Kids At Night

Article published at: Feb 27, 2023 Article author: Digital Impressions
Fun Activities That You Can Do With Your Kids At Night - One Friday World
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Mornings are super busy in every household. It’s only in the night when the whole family is together, ready to relax. It’s a great idea to spend time together every night by engaging in fun night activities. It is important to have a good night routine for kids. Playing and laughing together helps family members bond with each other and feel like important members of the family, while having fun in each other’s company. Here are some fun activities for kids at night that you can check out.

Importance of night activities with kids in their development & bonding

It is essential that families spend quality time to be able to understand each other and show love, affection and support for each other. This time spent together improves parent-child bond too and gives children a sense of belonging and security. There are many benefits of fun family activities.

Kids develop social skills

In the company of their parents, kids will learn how to behave in social settings where adults and other children are also involved. They will also learn to communicate effectively and learn from the behaviour their parents are modelling for them.

Child Playing With Parents

Kids perform better at their school

When parents involve themselves in their children’s’ school projects and activities, children generally do better at school. They develop linguistic and social skills quicker – which are the foundation stones to learning. Hence, such children perform well at school.

Misbehaviours reduce and cooperation increases

When kids are engaged in fun activities with their parents, they get their parents’ undivided attention. This makes them feel loved and gives them a sense of belonging because of which they don’t feel the need to act out and throw tantrums to get their parents to listen to them.

The home becomes a safe space for the entire family 

When families block a fixed time to spend with each other, it helps them resolve conflicts, let go of grudges and come up with better solutions to problems through effective communication. It also fosters unity among family members and makes all of them feel secure in each other’s connection and support.

Mutual respect and belonging

For any relationship to grow and thrive, people need to spend time getting to know and understand each other. When children finish any task with their parents and hear their life stories and experiences, they develop a deep respect for them that goes a long way in sustaining their relationship.

Family Time With Kid

Parents feel less stressed and frustrated

Spending time with kids can make parents and caregivers forget their daily struggles. It helps them reconnect to their children and releases happy hormones that reduce stress.

Here are a few types of fun night activities that you can do with your kids:

The idea is to be together – without phones, work, or any other distraction – and be totally involved and mentally present to connect with your kids and make them feel like your priority in this time you’ve set aside.

Have dinner together 

The family that eats together stays together. But instead of just sitting down together to eat, we’d suggest you prepare meals together. Get the kids involved in chopping, setting the table, laying down the food – so that they feel like a part of the family and also value the food that’s been cooked.

Dinner Time With Family

Divide household chores

It will take off the workload of the primary caregiver and will also give kids a sense of responsibility. They will understand that the home belongs to everyone who lives in it and everyone must take part in cleaning and maintaining it. It will foster mutual respect. Let your kids choose the chore they want to take up.

Read aloud

All kids love to hear stories, especially if the parents are engrossed in the storytelling process too. Pick a book of your child’s choice first and maybe later you could pick one of your own choice. Add personal anecdotes between the stories and continue the conversation after the story is over. 

Read Aloud To Kids

TV Time

If you’re too tired to do anything and just want a break, you can choose a light kids’ movie that everyone will enjoy and have fun while watching it.

Board games 

Go old school and bring out your board games. From the classic dice game of Ludo to word scrabble and puzzles, we’re sure your kids would keep asking for another go.

Go out for a post dinner walk

A light walk or cycling post dinner can do wonders for the health of your family. It releases happy hormones and gives everyone a chance to step out of the home in an open space to talk about their day with each other and find comfort in each others’ company.

Take up a craft project or develop a new hobby together

This will not only teach your kids a new skill, but will also help them feel accomplished at the end of the task. Sharing this joy with them will strengthen your bond and build mutual respect.

Look at old family albums

There’s nothing like going back to your roots and understanding the kind of people your grandparents and ancestors were. It feels like your own life’s story, running in the past. Apart from connecting the kids with their roots and making them feel like a part of something bigger – it will also help them appreciate being in a family.

Photo Albums See With Kids

Have fun with Dumb charades 

Laughter is the best medicine and you’ll have too much of it in the game of dumb charades or Pictureka. Kids need to watch their parents having fun and enjoying life with them to feel happier about themselves.

Make a family time capsule

Ask everyone to put anything they feel is important – from notes, gifts, songs to letters and bury the capsule with a date, years later, when it will be opened. This will become a family tradition and feel like a gift from the past.

FAQs on Fun Activites for Kids

Q1: TV or mobile – which one should I give to my child during screen time?

If you want to choose lesser of the two devils – it has to be TV, because children aren’t able to scroll past on TV as easily as they can on the phone, which makes them more addicted to mobile phones.

Q2: Is it okay to read to a child who can read on his own?

Hearing the sound of a parent or caregiver reading a book or singing a  song soothes children, which is why sometime kids insist that their elders read to them even though they can read themselves. Reading aloud to kids is a great of bonding with them.

Q3: Should kids wear a night suit to bed?

Comfortable night suits are airy and help kids sleep uninterruptedly. So they wake up refreshed and happy.

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