Dresses That’ll Make Your Daughter Look & Feel Like The Little Mermaid

Article published at: May 31, 2023 Article author: Neha Agarwal Article tag: Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid Inspired Dress
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The Little Mermaid is a classic Disney story that little girls and even young adults love alike. It tells the tale of a young mermaid named Ariel who loves Prince and gives up her lovely voice in exchange for a set of legs so she can live with him as a human. It’s a magical tale of love, sacrifice and adventures and continues to be a favourite with kids. Whether you are looking for a theme for your little girl’s birthday party or looking for ideas to dress her up at a fancy dress competition, here are some gorgeous Little Mermaid costume ideas and a Little Mermaid inspired dress that your daughter will love to wear. All girls love to dress up like princesses. We’re pretty sure your little one will love to look and feel like Ariel, the mermaid princess too. Our new collection is inspired by the Little Mermaid and has fun nautical elements that will transport your girl to the underwater kingdom of the sea.

Check out these Disney Little Mermaid dress ideas to add magic to her wardrobe.

1. Shimmer dresses inspired by mermaids

Bright, vibrant shimmer is synonymous with little mermaid outfit ideas and one sure way to help your little one feel like a mermaid is by dressing her up in this Peach skirt, perfect for a modern-day princess. It’s got the stunning scales of a mermaid embroidered all over in shimmer. You can’t miss it!

2. Fun bottom wear featuring nautical elements

The Little Mermaid is a princess of the underwater kingdom of the sea and thus elements of the ocean such as weeds and fishes are reminders of her story. This Off-white trouser features adorable prints of Ariel and her sea friends and your girl would love to sport it everywhere.

Off-white trouser

3. Tees and shorts with striking shells

Shells are as fascinating as mermaids are. They’re a regular feature of all things magical. Help your girl feel like a magical creature in this Off White top that has a stunning shell embroidered on its top right corner. Pair it with denim shorts that have matching shell embroidery.

Denim Shorts for Girls

4. Dresses Inspired by Princess Ariel

The legacy of The Little Mermaid is one that continues to inspire little girls everywhere to follow their hearts and seek adventures. Get your daughter this pretty Lilac top with Ariel printed over it, adorned in ruffles, or bring home this Tiered dress with Ariel printed all over it.

Lilac Top for Girls


1. Are The Little Mermaid dresses comfortable for children to wear?

Yes, all dresses at One Friday World are made using premium quality fabrics that are breathable and soft. All embroideries are carefully done to avoid any irritation to the child’s skin.

2. Why are Little Mermaid dresses popular?

Little girls love the character of the magical mermaid, who wants to turn into a human for a Prince she falls in love with. The Little Mermaid, Ariel has caught the hearts of little girls ever since the fictional story first came out. Additionally, little mermaid dresses ideas - mermaid dresses are bright, colourful, and make little girls look and feel like a real-life underwater, magical mermaid.

Our new collection – The Little Mermaid, is inspired by the Disney Original Movie and caters to the fancies of little girls all over the world. Our design team is based in Milan, Italy and stays updated with the latest global trends and seeks to incorporate them into all our collections. You can check our latest collection of kids' wear online or at a store near you.