Choosing the Right Pyjamas and Sleepwear for Your Baby

Article published at: Jun 1, 2023 Article author: Neha Agarwal Article tag: Parenting
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Getting your kids some cutesy and comfy night suits and pyjama sets is essential in establishing a bedtime routine early in their life. A fixed bedtime routine enables a good night’s sleep and helps kids wake up happy and refreshed. It also promotes growth and development in children. The right pair of pyjamas and sleepwear put the kids in sleeping mode as it signals their minds it is time to calm down and rest. It also keeps them comfy all night long. If you are looking for comfy sleepwear for babies, you’ll be happy to discover One Friday’s collection of the most comfortable sleepwear for kids.

Tips for choosing the right pyjamas and sleepwear for your baby

Sleepwear and pyjamas are made using soft, breathable, roomy fabrics that give your baby’s skin space to breathe and feel free through the night. Choosing the right pair of pyjamas and sleepwear is essential in giving your baby a restful night’s sleep, so here are some tips you can employ to get your kids the right set of pyjamas and nightwear.

1.  Consider the size of the sleepwear you are planning to buy

Although most nightwear tends to be roomy, it shouldn’t be too big for your child to sag and slip from his body. Neither should it be tight, constricting his movements during sleep. Try buying sleepwear with adjustable waistbands like this cutesy brown night suit.

2. Consider your kid’s age

For babies, it makes more sense to buy rompers, so that it is easier for you to change their diapers through the night. But for older kids, you can buy night suits with front buttons that are easy to wear and take off. This fruity night suit for girls is fun, while this car print night suit will become your boy’s favourite.

3. Consider the material of the night suit you are buying

If you’re wondering what is the best fabric for kids' pyjamas, cotton is the answer. Cotton is the most suitable fabric for nightwear as it is lightweight, breathable and airy – helping keep your child’s body cool. Get your hands on this striped orange night suit set for your boy. 

4. Temperature

Whether you sleep with your AC on or not should affect the kind of sleepwear you choose for your child. If you sleep in relatively low temperatures, you must dress your child in a full sleeves night suit like this printed blue night suit. Otherwise, you can pick a night suit with short sleeves too like this striped green night suit to keep your child comfortable.

5. Layering

Do not excessively layer your children while putting them to sleep. It restricts their movements and makes them uncomfortable, sweaty and irritable. Instead, if the weather is cold, you can cover them with a soft blanket or dress them in fleece-lined night suits or other warm fabrics so that they stay warm and comfortable.

6. Involve your child in picking a night suit for him/her

Every child has his taste and preferences. Make sure you accommodate them while buying a pair of sleepwear for your little one. When a child feels involved in the decision-making process, the chances of his cooperation increase. If your child loves cars, you can get him this vehicle-printed night suit. If he can’t wait for the Christmas season already, get your hands on this night suit set.

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1. What should I look for when buying pyjamas for my baby?

You must look at the fabric, the waistband – if it has an elastic band that can be adjusted - and how well it fits your child to provide him maximum comfort and ease all night long.

2. What fabric is safe for children's sleepwear?

Cotton is your best bet during the summer season as it is lightweight, breathable and airy. During the winter season, fleece works well as it is soft and comfortable.

3. Does sleepwear impact kids’ quality of sleep?

Yes. A comfortable pair of sleepwear will keep your kids happy through the night, ensuring they sleep through the night and wake up refreshed and energised.